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DCU13020 Coreless Brushed DC Motors

Coreless Brushed DC Motor, Various of Gearboxes and Encoders are available, Small Size, High Torque, High Speed, Ø13mm, 1.7W, 13000rpm, Precious Metal Brushes
● Ironless winding
● Compact design
● Low current consumption
● No cogging
● Linear performance characteristic
Brand Name: MOONS'
Price: USD  90.0  -  226.0  EA

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Model Number Diameter(mm) Length(mm) Reduction Ratio Nominal voltage(V) No-load speed(RPM) Rated torque(mNm) Rated current(A)
DCU13020P06 Ø13 19.7 - 6 12100 1.03 0.25
DCU13020P09 Ø13 19.7 - 9 12400 1.12 0.17
DCU13020P12 Ø13 19.7 - 12 12900 1.1 0.14
DCU13020P15&PG13C-0016 Ø13 39 16:1 15 776 22 0.166
DCU13020P15&PG13C-0066 Ø13 42.75 66:1 15 186 79 0.166
DCU13020P15&PG13C-0271 Ø13 46.5 271:1 15 46 279 0.166

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DCU13020P06-S001 $90.00
DCU13020P09-S001 $90.00
DCU13020P12-S001 $90.00
DCU13020P12-S002&PG13C-0004 $143.00
DCU13020P12-S002&PG13C-0016 $149.00
DCU13020P06-S002&PG13C-0066 $155.00
DCU13020P12-S002&PG13C-0066 $155.00
DCU13020P12-S002&PG13C-0090 $155.00
DCU13020P12-S002&PG13C-0271 $165.00
DCU13020P12-S002&PG13C-0315 $165.00
DCU13020P12-S002&PG13C-0425 $165.00
DCU13020P15-S002&PG13C-0004 $143.00
DCU13020P15-S002&PG13C-0016 $149.00
DCU13020P15-S002&PG13C-0066 $155.00
DCU13020P15-S002&PG13C-0271 $165.00
DCU13020P12-S005&R13-256&PG13C-0004 N/A
DCU13020P12-S005&R13-256&PG13C-0016 N/A
DCU13020P12-S005&R13-256&PG13C-0066 N/A
DCU13020P12-S005&R13-256&PG13C-0271 N/A
DCU13020P12-S006&R13-256&PG13C-0090 N/A
DCU13020P12-S006&R13-256&PG13C-0315 N/A
DCU13020P12-S006&R13-256&PG13C-0425 N/A
DCU13020P12-S008&RS13-16&PG13C-0016 $210.00
DCU13020P12-S008&RS13-16&PG13C-0066 $216.00
DCU13020P12-S009&RS13-16&PG13C-0090 $216.00
DCU13020P12-S008&RS13-16&PG13C-0271 $226.00
DCU13020P12-S009&RS13-16&PG13C-0315 $226.00
DCU13020P12-S009&RS13-16&PG13C-0425 $226.00

Torque Speed Curves

Torque Speed Curve of DCU13020 Coreless Brushed DC Motors


Dimension of DCU13020 Coreless Brushed DC Motors

2D Drawings
Title Type Size(KB) Download
DCU13020 Series_2D Drawings.pdf PDF 25
DCU13020P12-S005+R13-256+PG13C-0066-S01-A.exb EXB 213
DCU13020P15&PG13C-0271.pdf PDF 428
DCU13020P12-S002&PG13C-0271-S01.pdf PDF 39
DCU13020P15&PG13C-0066.pdf PDF 423
DCU13020P12-S002&PG13C-0271.pdf PDF 39
DCU13020P06-S002&PG13C-0066 PDF 544
DCU13020P12-S008&RS13-16&PG13C-0066.pdf PDF 38
DCU13020P12-S005+R13-256+PG13C-0016-S01-A.exb EXB 213
DCU13020P12-S005&R13-256&PG13C-0016.pdf PDF 49
DCU13020P12-S006+R13-256+PG13C-0315-S01-A.exb EXB 214
DCU13020P12-S002&PG13C-0004.pdf PDF 35
DCU13020P12-S005&R13-256&PG13C-0066.pdf PDF 50
DCU13020P12-S002&PG13C-0016.pdf PDF 32
DCU13020P12-S001.pdf PDF 41
DCU13020P15&PG13C-0016.pdf PDF 423
DCU13020P15-S002&PG13C-0271.pdf PDF 39
DCU13020P12-S005+R13-256+PG13C-0271-S01-A.exb EXB 215
DCU13020P09-S001.pdf PDF 34
DCU13020P12-S006+R13-256+PG13C-0425-S01-A.exb EXB 214
DCU13020P12-S009&RS13-16&PG13C-0090.pdf PDF 39
DCU13020P12-S006+R13-256+PG13C-0090-S01-A.exb EXB 214
DCU13020P15-S002&PG13C-0004.pdf PDF 35
DCU13020P12-S006&R13-256&PG13C-0425.pdf PDF 50
DCU13020P12-S009&RS13-16&PG13C-0315.pdf PDF 38
DCU13020P06-S001.pdf PDF 34
DCU13020P15-S002&PG13C-0066.pdf PDF 39
DCU13020P15-S002&PG13C-0016.pdf PDF 33
DCU13020P12-S005&R13-256&PG13C-0004.pdf PDF 42
DCU13020P12-S006&R13-256&PG13C-0315.pdf PDF 42
DCU13020P12-S008&RS13-16&PG13C-0271.pdf PDF 37
DCU13020P12-S002&PG13C-0090.pdf PDF 36
DCU13020P12-S008&RS13-16&PG13C-0016.pdf PDF 38
DCU13020P12-S002&PG13C-0315.pdf PDF 36
DCU13020P12-S006&R13-256&PG13C-0090.pdf PDF 50
DCU13020P12-S009&RS13-16&PG13C-0425.pdf PDF 46
DCU13020P12-S009&RS13-16&PG13C-0425-S01.pdf PDF 537
DCU13020P12-S002&PG13C-0425.pdf PDF 37
DCU13020P12-S002&PG13C-0066.pdf PDF 31
DCU13020P12-S005&R13-256&PG13C-0271.pdf PDF 50
3D Model
Torque Speed Curves
Title Type Size(KB) Download
Slotless Coreless Motors Catalog PDF 16672

User instruction

Before you start to use Moons’EC motors, please read the following instruction carefully:
①. The max permissible load on the output shaft of the motor and gearbox is limited. Exceeding the value may damage the motor or gearbox. For details, refer to the latest product catalog.

②. Overload the motor for a long time will damage the motor easily. The current rise will lead to rapid heat, high temperature will cause motor magnet demagnetization or motor winding damage. Over-current protection should be considering in your system.

③. The motor combination cannot be dropped from height.

④. The motor shaft are circular axis, you can use the coupling, fastening screw, viscose or laser welding. You should use the interference fit, compression and other methods to connect the load, and ensure that the motor shaft force does not exceed the specified value.

⑤. The output shaft can be machined by using the sleeve and machining the shaft directly.

⑥. Be sure to read the data or manuals carefully, wrong wiring and power supply may result in damaging the product.

⑦. MOONS’ EC motor hall sensor and encoders need to carry out ESD protection to prevent damage caused by static electricity.

⑧. When the drive unit is commissioned, it must be operated by qualified personnel to prevent personal injury.


Delivery & Packaging

Logistics tracking

Ensure your ordered products are always safely packaged from easy click to fast delivery to your hands

Professional Product Label

Considering all possible harsh application environments, MOONS' specially designed labels for each product, which pass water-resistance test, durability rub test, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance tests.

Besides, our product labels are attached with QR code linking to product details, which is convenient for clients to view the detail product page with their mobile phones.

Note: This label design is suitable for products of stepper motor.

(Professional packing box and unique appearance design)

(Single item packed with EPE)

(Multi-products packed with another box)

Safely Packaging

In order to ensure your shipments withstand the long trip and arrive safely and intact, MOONS' specially designed Individual package to pass the drop test with its stable structure.
Besides,the package is made from recyclable materials, providing you with professional safety delivery.
Whether just single item or multi-products the clients buy, all products are packed twice to avoid the damage further.

Shipping Visualization

For each case, products are carefully packed by experienced warehouse staff and the key processes are recorded by photos, which are then posted on our website, so that clients could clearly know the packing process and logistics status after placing order.

(Product in the box)

(Add the invoice)

(Label the commodity)

(The logistics waybill attached)

Fast Delivery

Fast Cross-Border Delivery
MOONS' chooses DHL as our main international express shipping partner. As the world's leading logistics specialist, DHL provides our customers with fast and professional inter- national door-to-door delivery service.
Estimated Delivery Time: e.g. China-USA major cities 3 business days.

Warehouse Management

MOONS’ has an experienced warehouse management team, all products and materials are clearly classified and neatly arranged.