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DMX 50W Dual Series

MOONS' S Series Dual-channel DMX (RDM) Driver owns three dimming strategies, they are Tunable White, Solo and Dual.
● Input voltage: 90~305 VAC
● Output current range: 200~1500mA (settable), 12V-100mA auxiliary power supply
●Dimming performance: 0→0.1%→100% dimming range, Flicker Free, Gamma2.2/Square/Linear/Logarithmic Curve,16 bits resolution
● Various programming methods: TouchSetting programming, Cable programming
● Waterproof: IP20, Built-in type
Brand Name: MOONS'
Price: USD  80.0  EA

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Dimming Strategies

MOONS' S Series Dual-channel DMX (RDM) Driver owns three dimming strategies, they are Tunable White, Solo and Dual.
Tunable White mode: Address X is in charge of intensity changing, address X+1 is in charge of color temperarure changing.
Dual mode: Use two addresses to control two channels respectively.
Solo mode: Use one address to control two channels simultaneously.


Tunable White
Dual Mode
Solo Mode
Tunable White
Dual Mode
Solo Mode

Operating Logic

Settable Output
Output voltage range: 8~55VDC, auto-adapting according to fixture's Vf.
Output current range: 200~1500mA, can be set via Smartkey or Touch Setting Tool.

200~1500mA: the current operating in continuous mode.
0~200mA: the current operating in PWM dimming mode and the PWM frequency equals 3.6KHZ.
Settable Output

Why You Need Dim to 0.1%
The dimming range has a great influence on the correlated color temperature area.

This figure shows the performance of MOONS' DMX(RDM) driver (0.1%-100% dimming) on mixing warm and cold color temperature LEDs.

Assume there is a CCT fixture:
Warm White LEDs(2500K) max power=50W
Cold White LEDs(6500K) max power=50W

Driver's Dimming Range Valid CCT Range
0%, 10%-100% 2500K, 2900K-6100K, 6500K
0%, 5%-100% 2500K, 2700K-6300K, 6500K
0%, 1%-100% 2500K, 2540K-6460K, 6500K
0%, 0.1%-100% 2500K, 2504K-6496K, 6500K
Driver's Dimming Range

Programmable Function

Touch Setting Programming
Touch Setting Programming


1. Signal wires

Please ensure to use three wires(DMX+, DMX-, DMX Shield) are all used. Because DMX is a three-wire system, and it is based on EIA-485/RS-485 standard.
Always use cable specifically designed for DMX / RS-485. These cables have an impedance of 120Ω and a low capacitance. For instance: Belden 9841 or 3105a. At the last driver, the cable has to be terminated with a 120Ω resistor to prevent reflections of the signal. For instance: Belden 9841 or 3105a. The resistor value of the resistor on the last driver should be kept the same as the resistor of signal wires.

Signal wires
2. Create Biggish System

Keep cabling below 300 meters between the controller and the last driver.
After 32 unit loads a repeater/booster should be used.

Create Biggish System
3. Wiring On Dimming Signal Ports

In order to make the wiring on site be easier, DMX in ports are electrically connected to the DMX out ports.
Because DMX in ports are electrically connected to the DMX out ports, even if one driver is failed, it won’t affect other drivers work.

Wiring On Dimming Signal Ports

DMX(RDM) Controller's Compatibility

DMX Master List
During developing and testing process, below are the DMX Master we verified.
Brand Model Support RDM?
Swisson Swisson XMT-350 Yes
ADJ products ADJ RGBW4C IR No
Traxon Technologies Butler S2 Yes
Traxon Technologies Butler XT2 Yes
Helvar helvar 920 No
Overled Capybara No
Madrix Madrix Neo / Luna No
Nicolaudie Slesa UE7 / U8 No
Enttec DMX USB PRO MK2 Yes


Model List

Part Number Output Current Range Dimming Description 12V/100mA Auxiliary Output Case Structure Certification
MU050S150BQI601 200~1500mA Tunable White
Solo Dimming
Dual Dimming
MU050S150BQI611 Compact UL/CUL Class P,CB,CE,ENEC
MU050S150BQI626 X Backfeed UL/CUL Class P
MU050S150BQI636 X Sidefeed UL/CUL Class P

Model Encoding

Model Encoding

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MU050S150BQI626 N/A
MU050S150BQI636 N/A

  • CompactDimension
  • Compact, IndependentDimension

    Compact, Independent
  • SlimDimension

  • BackfeedDimension

  • SidefeedDimension


3D Model
Title Type Size(KB) Download
Slim_3D.stp STEP 1587
Backfeed 3D.stp STEP 3493
Sidefeed 3D.stp STEP 2535
Compact_3D.stp STEP 1598
User Manual
Title Type Size(KB) Download
TouchSetting Software User Manual PDF 1756
Title Type Size(KB) Download
LED Driver Catalog.pdf PDF 19712
Title Type Size(KB) Download
Compact.rar RAR 1031
Slim.rar RAR 2918
Compact Independent.rar RAR 1680 ZIP 235 ZIP 235
Title Type Size(KB) Download
Touch Setting Tool Software RAR 1893