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M2DC Series Servo Drives

DC Input Servo Drive, Servo Solutions for DC power supply and Battery supply
● 24-60V DC supply power input
● Easy to use online Auto-tuning
● Internal regeneration resistor
● Stored program execution---Q Program
Brand Name: MOONS'
Price: USD  359.0  -  478.0  EA

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The M2DC Series Servo System from MOONS’ features drives that are high on functionality with a range of control options, programmable notch filters, an anti-vibration algorithm and auto-tuning. The drives are designed to be used with MOONS’ servo motors in the 60/100/200/300/400/550W/750W power range. The M2DC drives can communicate over Modbus/RTU, CANopen, Ethernet/IP and Ethernet(eSCL). Using MOONS’ Q Programmer software they can create complex motion programs that can be stored in thedrive and then run in a stand-alone mode.
Easy to Use On-line Auto Tuning
The M2 servo system can accomplish real time response to the dynamic feedback of the load andn optimize gain tuning parameters on-line automatically. The auto tuning function can greatly save on debugging time and simplify the debugging procedure. This can all be done by the PC based software in only a few minutes.
Before auto-tuning     After auto-tuning
Advanced Anti-Vibration Function
The M2 servo system has an advanced antivibration function which includes anti-resonance and vibration damping.
● Anti-resonance uses two notch filters to overcome the resonance from the natural mechanical characteristic of the system.
● Vibration damping uses an adjustable damping ratio in the controller to improve the damping characteristic of the system, which can reduce the vibration of the system.
Safety Standards
Functional Safety -- STO (Safe Torque Off)
Safe Torque Off (STO) is a hardware level safety protection function. When the STO function is activated, the drive’s hardware circuitry automatically forces all power transistors OFF to cut off the motor current, immediately disable motor operation and prevent unexpected restarting. The operator isn’t required to physically shut off the electromagnetic contactor to ensure personal and equipment safety in case of an emergency.
Internal Regeneration Resistors
All M2 Servo Series drives have an internal regeneration resistor.
Digital Pulse Position Modes
Support STEP/DIR, CW/CCW Pulse and A/B quadrature pulse.
● Open Collector Pulse Input: 500KHz, 5-24VDC
● Differential Line Input: 2MHz, 5VDC
Analog Input Control Modes
● Two analog inputs
● Support analog position, analog velocity and analog torque control
Built-In Q Programmer Software
Q Programmer is MOONS’ own single-axis motion control software based on SCL commands. It can be used to create sophisticated and functional programs that can be saved to a drive’s nonvolatile memory, and then run standalone, or without a permanent connection to the host. Q drives offer a high level of flexibility and functionality to the machine designer and system integrator.
• Motion control commands (relative position, absolute position, homing mode, etc.)
• Multi-tasking
• Conditional Processing (external I/O, internal command)
• Math Calculation (+, -, *, /, &, or)
• Data register manipulation
• Logic motion command (loop, call functions)
Field Bus Control
M2 Servo Series drives support RS-485 Modbus/RTU protocol, CANopen protocal based on CANbus, as well as Ethernet and Ethernet/IP communication protocols.
□ CANopen
Standard CAN bus interface is available in M2 series servo drives, which makes it easy to get integrated to a industrial field bus.
Items Specification
Physical Layer Standard CiA 303-1 Cabling and connector pin assignment
Communication Protocol CiA 301 Application Layer and Communication Profile
CiA 402 Device Profile Drives and Motion Control
Bus Connector RJ45
Baud Rate 12.5Kbps, 20Kbps, 50Kbps, 125Kbps, 250Kbps, 500Kbps, 800Kbps, 1Mbps
Communication Objects SDO, PDO, SYNC, EMCY, NMT, Heartbeat
Control Mode Profile Position, Profile Velocity, Profile Torque, Homing Mode
PDO Data 4 RxPDOs, 4 TxPDOs
Support Axis 112 axis
□ Modbus
M2 series servo drives provide the Modbus/RTU communication function with RS-232/RS-485 interface, and the Modbus/TCP with Ethernet interface, which can be used to easily control the motor, set parameters or monitor the status of the drive.
Items Specification
Physical Layer Standard RS-232, RS-485, Ethernet
Communication Protocol Modbus/RTU, Modbus/TCP
Bus Connector RJ11(RS-232), RJ45(RS-485, Ethernet)
Baud Rate RS-232/485: 9600bps, 19200bps, 38400bps, 57600bps, 115200bps
Ethernet: 10/100Mbps
Control Mode Position Mode, Velocity Mode, Torque Mode, Homing Mode
SCL(Serial command language), was developed by MOONS’ to give users a simple way to control a motor drive via a serial port. This eliminates the need for separate motion controllers or to supply control signals, like Pulse&Direction, to your servo drives. It also provides an easy way to interface to a variety of the industrial devices like PLC, industrial computers, and HMI, which most often have standard serial ports for communication.
eSCL is based on MOONS’s SCL for commanding and querying motion control products over Ethernet.
Items Specification
Physical Layer Standard RS-232, RS-485, Ethernet
Communication Protocol SCL, eSCL
Bus Connector RJ11(RS-232), RJ45(RS-485, Ethernet)
Baud Rate RS-232/485: 9600bps, 19200bps, 38400bps, 57600bps, 115200bps
Ethernet: 10/100Mbps
Control Mode Position Mode, Velocity Mode, Torque Mode, Homing Mode
□ EtherNet/IP
EtherNet/IP is an industrial network protocol that adapts the common industrial protocol to standard Ethernet. M2 series provide motion control solution with EtherNet/IP protocol.
Items Specification
Physical Layer Standard Ethernet
Communication Protocol EtherNet/IP
Bus Connector RJ45
Baud Rate Ethernet: 10/100Mbps
Control Mode Position Mode, Velocity Mode, Torque Mode, Homing Mode
Easy to Use Control Panel, Friendly Tuning Software
On-board control panel
• Set and query parameters
• LED display of drive status
M Servo Suite tuning software
• Friendly interface
• Easy set-up
• Drive set-up and configuration
• Easy to use on-line auto-tuning
• Built in oscilloscope for motion testing and monitoring
• Write and save SCL scripts
• Two standard EIA-422 high speed differential inputs
• Four 5-24VDC high speed inputs, maximum input frequency 500KHz, with digital input filter
• Eight optically isolated multi function inputs, 5-24VDC, 20mA
• Six Digital outputs, maximum 30VDC 30mA
• Two analog inputs
Featured Function Application
□ Position Tables
• Linear Motion, Rotary Motion
• Linear Motion: up to 63 position points controlled by different input signal combinations
• Rotary motion: up to 48 position points per revolution
• Configurable acceleration/deceleration speed settings for each individual point
• Multi position control with no pulse input requirement
Applications: Linear Module, Rotary Table, Index Plate, Tool Changing System
□ Multiple Speed-Change Operation
• Set up to 8 different velocities via different I/O combinations
• Use digital input signal for settings, with no analog input requirement
• Velocity configuration via both M Servo Suite and control panel
• Programmable acceleration and deceleration settings for each individual velocity change
Applications: Polish Machine, Conveyor
□ Gain Selection
For applications with varying loads, gain selection allows the M2 servo drive to optimize the motor’s overall performance.
Applications: X-Y Robot Arm, Vertical Conveyor
□ Pulse Inhibit
When the pulse inhibit signal is triggered, the motor will stop moving regardless of pulse inputs.
Applications: Packaging Machinery

■ Servo Drive Numbering Information

■ Servo Motor Numbering Information


■ System Configration


■ Drive Motor Matching Table

Servo Drive
Basic Type M2DC-6D05S M2DC-10D5S M2DC-20D5S
Q Program Type
(RS-232 Communication)
M2DC-6D05Q M2DC-10D5Q M2DC-20D5Q
Q Program Type
(RS-485 Communication)
M2DC-6D05R M2DC-10D5R M2DC-20D5R
CANopen M2DC-6D05C M2DC-10D5C M2DC-20D5C
eSCL M2DC-6D05D M2DC-10D5D M2DC-20D5D
EtherNet/IP* M2DC-6D05IP M2DC-10D5IP M2DC-20D5IP
Matching Motor
Matching Motor 40 Frame, 60W, 100W 60 Frame, 200W, 400W 80 Frame, 300W, 550W 80 Frame, 750W
Without Brake SM0401HE4-KCD-NNV
With Brake SM0401HE4-KCD-BNV
Gearhead Motor
Without Brake SM0401HE4-KCD-NNV-PG**A
With Brake SM0401HE4-KCD-BNV-PG**A
* For the latest details, Please contact our company.
** Standard gear ratios are 5:1; 10:1 and 20:1.
IO Connector M2-50P
USB mini-B Configuration 2620-150
Motor power 1630-X00 1627-X00 1641-X00
Encoder 2627-X00
Brake ** 1602-X00
Motor power 1631-X00 1628-X00 1642-X00
Encoder 2621-X00
Brake ** 1602-X00-C05
* Standard: Can not be used in a drag chain.
* * Bending test: Min. bend radius: 100mm, Travel distance: 60mm, Lifetime: 5,000,000c.


■ Drive Specification

Basic Specifications Input Power M2DC-6D0
Main Circuit 20~60VDC
Control Circuit 10~60VDC
Environment Temperature Ambient temperature: 0°C to 50°C(If the ambient temperature of servo drive is
higher than 40°C, please install the drive in a well-ventilated location)
Storage temperature: -20°C to 65°C
Humidity Both operating and storage: 10 to 85%RH or less
Altitude Lower than 1000m
Vibration 9.8m/s2 or less, 10 to 60Hz (Do not use continuously at resonance frequency)
Control Method PWM Sinusoidal wave drive
Encoder Feedback 2500 ppr Optical Encoder with Shared Commutation Signals
I/O Digital Signals Input 8 optical isolated multi function inputs, 5-24VDC, 20mA
2 optical isolated multi function high speed inputs, 5-24VDC, 20mA
Output 6 optical isolated multi function outputs, 30VDC, 20mA
Analog Signals Input 2 inputs (12Bit A/D : 2 input)
Pulse Signal Input 2 inputs (Photo-coupler input, Line receiver input)
Photocoupler input is compatible with both line driver I/F and open collector I/F.
Line receiver input is compatible with line driver I/F.
Output 4 outputs ( Line driver: 3 outputs, open collector: 1 outputs)
Communication USB Mini-B Connection with PC or 1 : 1 communication to a host.
RS232 RS-232 Communication
RS485 RS-485 Communication & Modbus/RTU
CAN bus CANopen bus Communication
Ethernet EtherNET/IP, eSCL
Front panel 4 keys (MODE, UP, DOWN, SET) , 5-digit LED Display
Regeneration Resistor Built-in regenerative resistor 20W
Control Mode (1) Position mode (2) Analog Velocity mode (3) Analog Position mode
(4) Analog Position mode (5) Velocity Change mode (6) Command Torque mode
(7) Command Velocity mode (8) Position Tables
Control Input Signal (1) Servo-ON input (2) Alarm clear input (3) CW/CCW Limit
(4) Pulse& Direction or CW/CCW input (5) Gain Switch
(6) Control mode Switch (7) Pulse Inhibition (8) Gear switch
(9) Velocity Change mode (10) Analog input (11) General input
Control Output Signal (1) Alarm output (2) Servo-Ready output (3) External brake release
(4) Speed reached output (5) Torque reached output
(6) Position reached output (7) TachOut (8) Servo-on status output
(9) General output
Certification RoHS
Drive Mass M2DC-6D0: 0.59kg
M2DC-10D: 0.59kg
M2DC-20D: 0.61kg

■ Motor Specifiction

Encoder Type 2500ppr Incremental encoders
Insulation Class Class B (130℃ )
IP65 Rating IP65 (except shaft through hole and cable end connector)
Installation Iocation Indoors, away from direct sunlight, corrosive gas, flammable gas
Ambient Temperature Operating 0 to 40°C, Storage -20 to 80°C
Ambient Humidity Operate where the relative humidity range is 20% to 85% and non-condensing
Elevation Operating 1,000m
Vibration 49m/s2, 10Hz-60Hz (DO NOT use the drive for extended periods of time at the resonance point.)

■ Holding Brake Option

A holding brake is used to stop the load from moving when power is lost. Typical applications include vertical axis that would drop if power is lost. Holding brakes are not intended to slow a motor that is spinning. The motor should be stopped and then the brake applied.
With no power, a spring presses a friction plate into a stationary plate, whitch produces holding torque. When power is applied to the brake coil, the brake solenoid pulls the friction plate away from the stationary plate, whitch allows the motor to turn.
Model SM04 Series SM06 Series SM08 Series
Static friction torque 0.35Nm 2.0Nm 4.5Nm
Rated Voltage 24VDC
Rated Current 0.25A 0.38A 0.61A
Brake Time Standard air gap, 20°C below<25ms
Release Time <25ms
Release Voltage 18.5VDC max.(at 20℃)

■ Shaft Seal

A shaft seal can extend the life or a motor by keeping contaminants out of the motor. MOONS’ servo motors typically include a shaft seal shipped with the motor, but not installed in the motor. These are high quality seals. Installing a shaft seal is recommended if the front of the motor will be exposed to significant amounts of oil, dirt or liquids.

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M2DC-10D5R $431.00
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M2DC-10D5S $362.00
M2DC-6D05Q $426.00
M2DC-10D5Q $431.00
M2DC-6D05D $426.00
M2DC-10D5D $431.00
M2DC-6D05IP $473.00
M2DC-10D5IP $478.00
M2DC-20D5C $440.00
M2DC-20D5R $400.00
M2DC-20D5S $362.00

■ Low Inertia Motor—Frame 40mm/60mm/80mm

□ Frame 40mm
□ Frame 60mm
□ Frame 80mm

■ Medium Inertia Motor—Frame 60mm/80mm

□ Frame 60mm
□ Frame 80mm


■ Drive Dimensions (Unit: mm)


■ Low Inertia Motor(Unit: mm)

□ Frame 40mm

□ Without Brake
□ With Brake
Without Brake L
SM0401HE4-KCD-NNV 92
SM0402FE4-KCD-NNV 109
With Brake L
SM0401HE4-KCD-BNV 129
SM0402FE4-KCD-BNV 147

□ Frame 60mm

□ Without Brake
□ With Brake
Without Brake L
SM0601GE4-KCF-NNV 105
SM0602FE4-KCF-NNV 125
SM0602GE4-KCF-NNV 125
With Brake L
SM0601GE4-KCF-BNV 145
SM0602FE4-KCF-BNV 165
SM0602GE4-KCF-BNV 165

□ Frame 80mm

□ Without Brake
□ With Brake
Without Brake L
SM0801GE4-KCF-NNV 101
SM0802EE4-KCF-NNV 116
With Brake L
SM0801GE4-KCF-BNV 148
SM0802EE4-KCF-BNV 163
□ Without Brake
□ With Brake
Without Brake L
SM0803GE4-KCF-NNV 130.8
With Brake L
SM0803GE4-KCF-BNV 178

■ Medium Inertia Motor(Unit: mm)

□ Frame 60mm

□ Without Brake
□ With Brake
Without Brake L
SM0602GE4-KCF-NNV-M 135
With Brake L
SM0602GE4-KCF-BNV-M 175

□ Frame 80mm

□ Without Brake
□ With Brake
Without Brake L
SM0803GE4-KCF-NNV-M 140.8
With Brake L
SM0803GE4-KCF-BNV-M 188

■ Gearhead Servo Motor(Unit: mm)

□ Frame 40mm

□ Without Brake
□ With Brake

□ Frame 60mm

□ Without Brake
□ With Brake

□ Frame 80mm

□ Without Brake
□ With Brake

2D Drawings
Title Type Size(KB) Download
M2DC-10D_2D Drawing.pdf PDF 101
M2DC-20D5□.pdf PDF 39
M2DC-10D_2D Drawing.dwg DWG 551
M2DC-6D0_2D Drawing.pdf PDF 101
M2DC-6D0_2D Drawing.dwg DWG 551
3D Model
Title Type Size(KB) Download
M2DC-10D_3D Model.step STEP 6242
M2DC-20D5□.step STEP 2149
M2DC-6D0_3D Model.step STEP 6242
User Manual
Title Type Size(KB) Download
Host Command Reference.pdf PDF 6963
Modbus RTU Manual_EN20171018.pdf PDF 1470
M2DC Series_User Manual.pdf PDF 6066
CANopen Manual Rev 1.2.pdf PDF 3833
Title Type Size(KB) Download
Servo Brushless General Catalog_EN20200225.pdf PDF 6640
Quick Start
Title Type Size(KB) Download
M2DC Series_Quick start.pdf PDF 2423
Title Type Size(KB) Download
M2DC Series_CE.rar PDF 983
M2DC Series_RoHS.pdf PDF 264

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