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MU100HxxxAQ_MB/AUX Series

MU100HxxxAQ_MB/AUX is a 100W, constant-current, programmable LED driver that operate from 90~305 VAC input with excellent power factor.
● Type HL, a class I, Division 2 hazardous(Classified)
● Programmable function
● Isolated 0-10V/PWM Dimming, dim to off
● 12V/300mA Auxiliary Output
Brand Name: MOONS'

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MU100HxxxAQ_MB/AUX series is a 100W explosion-proof LED driver suitable for Zone1 and Zone2.
Existing explosion-proof lamps are explosion-proof certified with a housing protection.
This requires high sealing strength of the lamp housing, which increases the difficulty of the design, and increases the size and weight of the housing. Affects housing cost, transportation costs and difficulty of installing lamps.
And 100% test sealing strength is required during the production of lamps, which greatly affects the production cost and yield.
MU100HxxxAQ_MB/AUX has obtained "ExⅡ2G Ex mbⅡC Gb" explosion-proof certification, which greatly reduces the difficulty of designing the lamp housing and the above problems.

Dimming Function Introduction

1. Accessory-MSSL200

MSSL200 is the programmer of CLKS or CP Series driver.The Programmable Driver Configurator Software and Configurator are compatible with MOONS’ CLKS and CP drivers. They can be used to set the configuration parameters of MOONS’ CLKS and CP drivers.Accessory-MSSL200

2. Dimming Function-PWM/1-10V Dimming

1-10V PWM
Allow users to set the max and min output current and corresponding outputvoltage to clarify the 1-10V dimming curve. Input a 0~10V signal from 2ndpin of the dimming interface. Default: input ≤1V, output current 10%; input≥8.5V, output current 100%; input≤0.5V, Dimming off; input ≥0.8V,Dimming on. Input a PWM signal from the 2nd pin(Dim+/Program) of thedimming interface to change the output current.User can set "Positive Logic" or "Negative Logic" of the PWM signal.PWM duty circle: 10%~99%(it has both positive andnegative logics ), frequency: 500Hz~5kHz, 3V~10V is high,-0.3V~0.8V is low. Default: PWM≤5%, Dimming off; PWM≥8%, Dimming on.
1-10V PWM

3. Dimming Function-Smart Midnight ClockDIM

Smart Midnight ClockDIM has self-study Clock Dimming function. It can set 5 dimming level in the dimming plan through software. It also can adjust the starting time and ending time in the dimming plan everyday automatically according to the geographic position and average operating time. In other words, the CP series driver can adapt to the changeable starting and ending time due to the seasonal alteration by self-study function. Dimming Function-Smart Midnight ClockDIM

4. Dimming Function-Fixed ClockDIM

Users can set the dimming plan by separating 24hours into 5 sections matching corresponding output current. Owing to the time is fixed, it has no self-study function. For instance: Assuming the dimming plan like below table shows. If the driver is charged at 15:00pm, the driver will perform the dimming plan following the form shows.
Dimming Function-Fixed ClockDIM
Dimming Function-Fixed ClockDIM

Model List

Part Number Output Voltage Range Output Current Range Output Power Efficiency (Typ) 220VAC Certification
MU100H120AQ_MB/AUX 48-125VDC 360-1200mA 100W 90% ATEX, IECEx, CE
MU100H280AQ_MB/AUX 22-54VDC 900-2800mA 100W 87% ATEX, IECEx, CE

Model Encoding

Model Encoding

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