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TXM Series IP65 Rated Integrated Step-Servo Motors

The TXM series IP65 rated integrates stepper servo motors adopts high-resolution incremental encoder design to achieve closed-loop dynamic control of the servo system. Frame size: NEMA24,34. Bus communication options include Modbus/RTU, Modbus/TCP, CANopen and Ethernet/IP.
● Multi-axis field bus control
● Intelligent built-in controller
● Compact all-in-one solution
● Efficient, smooth, accurate, fast
● Enhanced motor, optimized design
Brand Name: MOONS'
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■ Description

The Step-Servo is an innovative revolution for the world of stepper motor, it enhances the stepper motors with servo technology to create a product with exceptional feature and broad capability.TXM is MOONS’ 3rd generation integrated Step-Servo and compact motor+drive+encoder+controller all-in-one solution. With improved technology, TXM upgrades significant key features based on 2nd generation SSM and operates more efficient and intelligent.
NEMA 24 IP65 TXM Integrated Step-Servo Motors

■ Features

Closed Loop
Closed Loop
▪ Very tight position and velocity control for the most demanding applications
▪ Robust servo loops that tolerate wide fluctuations in load inertia and frictional loading.
▪ For TXM24/34, precise positioning to within ±1 count (0.018°)using high resolution(20000 counts/rev) encoder.
Easy Tuning
▪ Pre-defined tuning parameters for maximum control performance and stability.
▪ Easy selection list provides the level of control desired.
▪ In most cases NO extra manual tuning is required.
Easy Tuning
Lower Heating/High Efficiency
Lower Heating/High Efficiency
▪ Uses only the current required by the application, generating minimum heat output.
▪ When stand-still, current can reach nearly zero for extremely low heat output.
▪ Being able to use almost 100% of torque, allows for more efficient and compact motor usage.
Smooth & Accurate
▪ Space vector current control with 5000 line high resolution encoder, gives smooth and quiet operation, especially at low speeds.
------A feature never found with traditional stepper motors
▪ High stiffness due to the nature of the stepper motor combined with the highly responsive servo control.
------Accurate position control both while running and static positioning
Smooth & Accurate
Fast Response
Fast Response
When performing fast point-to-point moves, the high torque output and advanced servo control provides a very responsive system far exceeding what can be done with a conventional stepper system.
High Torque
▪ Because the TXM operates in full servo mode, all the available torque of the motor can be used. The motor can provide as much as 50% more torque in many applications. High torque capability often eliminates the need for gear reduction.
▪ Boost torque capability can provide as much as 50% more torque for short, quick moves.
Key Enhancement
Key Enhancement
▪ Up to 3 digital inputs, 1 digital outputs and 1 analog inputs for TXM24S/Q/IP type
▪ Up to 5 digital inputs, 3 digital outputs and 1 analog inputs for TXM34Q/C type
▪ A/B/Z differential encoder signal output supported for TXM34P type
▪ On board daisy chain connection for field bus control(RS-485, Modbus/RTU, CANopen)
▪ On board daisy chain connection for Ethernet control (TXM34 only)
▪ Multiple homing features
▪ Software limit
▪ AUX Power supply, when the main power cut off, the AUX power can make the control circuits working normally
▪ IP65 protection class

■ Model Numbering System

Model Numbering System of NEMA 24 IP65 Integrated Step-Servo Motors

■ Ordering Information

Model Torque Control I/O(*) RS-232 RS-485/422 Modbus/RTU CANopen Ethernet
TSM24S-3AG 2.5N.m S 3DI,1DO,1AI        
TXM24Q-3AG Q      
TXM24IP-3EG IP        
TXM24C-3CG C 5DI,3DO      
* DI: Digital Input; DO: Digital Output; EO: Encoder Output; AI: Analog Input

Frame size 60mm
Model Basic type TXM24S-3□G
Q program type (Includes Modbus/RTU type) TXM24Q-3□G
CANopen type TXM24C-3CG
EtherNet/IP type TXM24IP-3EG
Holding Torque N•m 2.5
Rotor Inertia g•cm2 900
Supply Voltage VDC 12-70
Encoder Resolution counts/rev 20000
Maximum Speed RPM 3600
Mass g 2090
  Enter A(RS232) or R(RS485) or E(Ethernet) in the box(□) within the model name
Electrical Specifications
  Basic Type
Q program Type
CANopen Type
EtherNet/IP Type
Control Command Pulse input
Analog signal
Pulse input
Analog signal
Q Program
Q program
Q program
Communication RS-232 or RS-485 or Ethernet RS-232 or RS-485 or Ethernet RS-232&CANopen Ethernet
Protocol SCL Modbus/RTU or SCL CANopen EtherNet/IP
Pulse signal type Pulse+Direction
CW/CCW Pulse
A/B Quadrature
CW/CCW Pulse
A/B Quadrature
- -
Maximum Input
  Pulse Frequency
Minimum Pulse Width=250ns
Minimum Pulse Width=250ns
- -
Digital Input 3 3 5 3
Digital Output 1 1 3 1
Analog Input 1 1 - 1
Digital Input
Optical Isolated, 5-24VDC
Digital Onput
Optical Isolated, 30VDC/100mA
Analog Input
AIN referenced to GND, Range 0–5VDC,
Resolution: 12bits
- AIN referenced to GND,
Range 0–5VDC,
Resolution: 12bits
Supply Voltage 12-70VDC
Protection Over-voltage, under-voltage, over-temp, motor/wiring shorts (phase-to-phase, phase-toground)
  Enter A(RS232) or R(RS485) or E(Ethernet) in the box(□) within the model name
General Specifications
  TXM Integrated Step-Servo
Insulation Class Class B(130℃)
Insulation Resistance 100MΩ/DC500V
Dielectric Strength 500VAC 1 minute
Ambient Temperature 0~+40℃
Ambient Humidity 90% or less(non-condensing)
Atmosphere No corrosive gases, dust, water or oil
Degree of Protection IP65
RS485 or Modbus/RTU Specifications
  Interface RS485 or Modbus/RTU
Baud Rate(bps) 9600/19200/38400/57600/115200
Maximum Distance Due to transmission baud rate
Maximum Connections 32 axes per channel
Communication Cable Twisted Shielded Cable
Address Setting Via Step-Servo Quick Tuner
CANopen Specifications
  Interface CANopen CiA301 CiA402
Bit Rate(bps) 1M/800K/500K/250K/125K/50K/20K/12.5K
Maximum Distance Due to transmission bit rate
Maximum Slave Nodes 112 axes per channel
Communication Cable Twisted Shielded Cable
Node ID Setting ViaStep-Servo Quick Tuner
Ethernet Specifications
  Interface Ethernet(eSCL)
Bit Rate(bps) 100M
Maximum Distance 100 meters between 2 devices
Communication Cable Twisted Shielded Cable (CAT5e Cable)
Node ID Setting Via Step-Servo Quick Tuner
Permissible Overhung Load and Permissible Thrust Load(Unit:N)
Frame Size Model Permissible Overhung Load Permissible Thrust Load
Distance(L) from Shaft End(mm)
0 5 10 15 20
60mm TXM24□-3□G 90 100 130 180 270 Less than the motor mass
80mm TXM34□-1□G 260 290 340 390 480

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TXM24S-3AG $806.00
TXM24S-3RG $820.00
TXM24S-3EG $833.00
TXM24Q-3AG $968.00
TXM24Q-3RG $982.00
TXM24Q-3EG $995.00
TXM24IP-3EG $1,078.00
TXM24C-3CG $1,042.00
TXM34P-1AG $868.00
TXM34Q-1AG $1,075.00
TXM34Q-1RG $1,170.00
TXM34Q-1DG $1,231.00
TXM34C-1CG $1,190.00
TXM34P-3AG $911.00
TXM34Q-3AG $1,146.00
TXM34Q-3RG $1,241.00
TXM34Q-3DG $1,302.00
TXM34C-3CG $1,261.00
TXM34P-5AG $981.00
TXM34Q-5AG $1,237.00
TXM34Q-5RG $1,332.00
TXM34Q-5DG $1,393.00
TXM34C-5CG $1,352.00
TXM34P-6AG $1,111.00
TXM34Q-6AG $1,339.00
TXM34Q-6RG $1,434.00
TXM34Q-6DG $1,495.00
TXM34C-6CG $1,454.00

NEMA 24 IP65 Integrated Step-Servo Motors torque speed curve

■ Dimensions(Unit:mm)

Dimensions of NEMA 24 IP65 Integrated Step-Servo Motors
Model "L" “M” 出轴直径*
TXM24□-3□G 131.3 60.5 10
  * 8mm diameter shaft available per request

2D Drawings
Title Type Size(KB) Download
TXM24□-3□G.pdf PDF 157
3D Model
Title Type Size(KB) Download
TXM24□-3□G.STEP STEP 6346
Title Type Size(KB) Download
TSM+TXM Family Brochure_EN20240206 A3L.pdf PDF 5257
User Manual
Title Type Size(KB) Download
ROHS declaration-2024-A0.pdf PDF 522
Integrated Step-Servo Motor CE Certification.pdf PDF 1430

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