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LED Drive Power and Wireless Control Equipment Management Technology
Welcome to 2016 guangzhou international lighting exhibition. This is Shanghai MOONS Automation control Co.,LTD. Thanks for your coming to our booth. And thanks for your continued attention to our products. Today we bring you MOONS’ latest products and technical solutions.

The product solution integrated MOONS’ small motor, LED drive power and wireless control equipment management technology.

In this Demo, there is a MOONS’ wireless communication (WIFI) module. The users can control the lamp easily on their Smartphone. They needn’t climbing up on the ladder to operate the lamp. It keep them safe and easy operating.

The LED driver in the lamp is our newest intelligent driver with DMX interface. It supports multichannel output. The dimming depth reach 0.1%. The driver can provide our customer extreme smooth dimming experience from switch off to 100%.

In the lamp’s motion control, high protection and reliability gear box motor structure and worm gear structure keep the lamp’s movement smooth, accurate, efficient and reliable.

MOONS’ adhere to customer demand-oriented. Dedicated to bring our customers more product solutions with market competitiveness and higher technology content . We are not only lighting the fixtures, but also infuse our lighting with life and wisdom!