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Security Camera

The security industry is increasingly placing more importance on the intelligent integrated solution. Internet of Things, including sensing of front-end equipment, on-demand deployment, and information sharing and linkage, has greatly promoted the intelligence of this industry. Along with technological progress, intelligence will become a priority.

City security, government projects, transportation, financial industry and so on have taken 60% of the market. Since standard security products can merely meet users’ basic needs, customized software and hardware products must be developed to satisfy personalized demands for products’ performance, parameters, and application. Together with the intelligence, mechatronics, automation, personalization and informatization of security industry, MOONS’, a leading manufacturer of motion control, has advanced accessories and R&D technology to keep in pace with the rapid industrial development.

• Spherical IP camera
• PTZ camera
• Video conference camera

Spherical IP camera

PTZ camera

Video conference camera

Security and surveillance camera can only shoot under precise movement, and the speed depends on the position and scope of it. Video capabilities are enhanced in MOONS’ motors to maintain stable output at various rates.
MOONS’ stepper motor, such as 14HK encapsulated stepper motor, 0.9° micro stepper motor, ML series stepper motor, PL series high torque stepper motor, Z series smooth stepper motor, 17HC series encapsulated 3-phase stepper motor and 24HC series 3-phase stepper motor, are widely applied in the security industry.

ML24HC Series 1.2° 3-Phase
Stepper Motor

MS23HA Series 0.9° 2-Phase
Stepper Motor

17HC Series 1.2° 3-Phase
Encapsulated Stepper Motor

14HK Series 0.9° 2-Phase
Encapsulated Stepper Motor

Z Series Stepper Motor


• High accuracy and quick positioning under open-loop control
• Effective reduction of power consumption under closed-loop control
• Low inertia — Inertia decreases by 7% to achieve quick positioning
• Smooth — Increased location accuracy, smooth movement with low noise
• Patented encapsulated design — Lifespan increases by 27%, temperature rise decreases by 30%, torque increases by 15%
• High torque — 30% higher torque with the same input power and size
• Three phase — Eliminate vibration to realize low noise and smooth positioning
• Customized solutions for mechanical connections or parameters