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Textile Manufacturing Applications by MOONS'

Textile Manufacturing

Textile machines are used for processing natural fiber and chemical fiber into textiles. Due to the adjustment of textile product structure and market demand, modern textile machines tend to standardize, serialize, and universalize the procedure which should be high speed, high efficiency, and maintenance-free as well as low consumption, low noise, and low pollution, to achieve manufacturability, continuity and completeness.

Worldwide, driven by the market demand, the industrial competition has shifted from textile manufacturing powers like German, Italy, and Switzerland to the Asian market, among which China has grown into the most leading textile manufacturing nation in the world.

Meanwhile, various machines are required due to different procedures. There are three types of machine as follows in terms of manufacturing function.

MOONS’ has rich experience in textile industry and has formed complete design solution, which can make sure high performance and reliability of textile equipment in different process. • Textile Machine Application: Cotton Traction Controller; Cotton Terminal; Replace Tubes of Spooling; Cotton Waxing; Tension Controller; Roller Motor Products: 17HD/23HS/24HS 2-Phase Stepper Motor • Knitting Machine Application: Cotton Traction Controller; Scissor Controller; Density Controller Products: 17HD/23HS/24HS 2-Phase Stepper Motor • Sewing Machine Application: X/Y-axis Feeding Control; Z-axis Cycloidal Pin Control; Scissor Controller; Presser Foot Lift Control Products: 23HS/24HS/34HD 2 Phase Stepper Motor; Ultra High Torque of PL Series Stepper Motor
  • Textile Machine (Winding Machine)

  • Knitting Machine (Rapier Loom)

  • Sewing Machine (Bar Tacking Machine)

  • • Dust Prevention It’s essential to keep the humidity at 75%~85% because yarn will become brittle and are more likely to break in the dry environment. But excessively high humidity will also accumulate flying and hairiness, which will absorb bearing grease.

    • Special Design of Bore and Shaft
    Relative movement between bearing bore and shaft during operation will cause friction and heat, affecting service life of bearing.

    • Due to reciprocating and high speed operation of bearing in small angle under radial and axial load, ball will constantly hit the bearing grooves, which will cause abrasion and noise and shorten its service life.

    • Low Power Consumption; Low Temperature Rise; Long Life
    Continuous operation and radial pressure will shorten motors’ longevity.

    • Technological Advantage 1、Low inertia rotor of ML Series: Improve the performance
    2、Ultra high torque of PL Series(with high pressure driving control system): High efficiency; Low power consumption; Low temperature rise
    3、Closed loop design(with dust proof and long-life bearing): High reliability; Long service life; Low temperature rise; Higher response frequency; Higher speed; Reasonable system cost
    4、Linear transmission and application:Belt drive; Lead screw drive; Linear motor solution

    Recommended Products

    MS17HD Series Stepper Motor


    • High Torque
    • Low Noise
    • Smooth Movement

    ML23HS Series Stepper Motor


    • High torque
    • Low inertia
    •  Fast raising speed

    MS24HS Series Stepper Motor


    • High Torque
    • Low Noise
    • Smooth Movement

    ML34HD Series Stepper Motor


    • High torque
    • Low inertia
    •  Fast raising speed

    PowerPlus Hybrid Stepper Motor


    • Ultra high torque
    • High Efficiency
    • High Accuracy