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NEMA 23 Standard Hybrid Stepper Motors

Stepper motor, High torque, Low inertia, Fast raising speed, Step Angle: 1.8°, NEMA23, 56.4x56.4mm
● High torque
● Low inertia
● Fast raising speed
● Available options for Drives, Wire Harness, Flexible Coupling, Damper
Brand Name: MOONS'
Price: USD  45.6  -  110.0  EA

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MOONS', a company listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange - Stock Code 603728, is one of the largest integrated manufacturers of motion control and intelligent lighting in China with the yearly shipment of over 10 million stepper motors, motor drivers, led drivers mainly in US and Europe market. MOONS' stepper motors and motion control products are renowned for their high quality, high performance, and unique features and are specially designed for thousands of Engineers and Experts. They are widely used in a wide variety of innovative applications, including 3D printers, extruders, stage lighting, analytical and medical instruments, laser cutters, engravers, image scanners, textile machines, embroidery machines, precision telescope positioning systems, packaging machinery, CNC machines, and robotics. To get your creative ideas or innovative products to market as quickly as possible, we always work with you together. MOONS' - Experts' Choice!

High Torque & Long Life

Excellent characteristics of both High Torque and Long Life, which means exceeding your torque requirements with reliable performance for longer operating time than conventional motors.

High Torque

High torque is mainly attributed to many factors including rare earth magnets, optimized rotors, Stators with maximum winding fill and laminatins, all of which are combined together to realize maximum torque.

MOONS’ high torque stepper motors provide 15% to 25% more torque across the entire speed than conventional motors.The increased torque is a result of higher motor efficiency, and is available without increasing the drive voltage or current.

Long Life Time

Step motor life is usually determined by the life of the bearings. MOONS' large ball bearing is optimized for short repatitive moves to ensure long life - generally 5 times longer than conventional motors, which means future huge cost saving of the replacement or repair of conventional motors.

In typical industrial application, the MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) of MOONS' motor was up to 406,500 hours and lp (Failure Rate) was 3.44 hours per 1000,000 hours, In typical commercial application, the MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) of MOONS' motor was up to 1,123,600 hours and lp (Failure Rate) was 1.21 hours per 1000,000 hours, which significantly ahead of competitor's motors.
  • Lower Heat

    In comparison to motors of the same thickness and torque, MOONS' motor design selected with new materials has lower resistance values. As a result, the thermal conductivity performance of the motor is improved to a greater extent, resulting in a reduction in motor temperature rise.
  • Low Noise & Smooth

    Improved manufacturing processes enable all components of MOONS' stepper motors to achieve better matching precision and more stable internal structures. This reduces vibration and noise effectively when the motor operates, which makes MOONS' stepper motors stand out by providing quieter and smoother operation.
  • Ongoing Tech Support

    We provide free and expert technical support service directly from online application engineers backed up by R&D engineers who designed and manufactured your product via online chat, and inquiry Email.
  • Safely Packaging

    In Designed specifically to withstand long trips and arrive safely and intact, MOONS' Individual package passes the drop test with its stable structure. Additionally, the package is made of recyclable materials, ensuring professional safety delivery.

Specification of NEMA 17 Standard Hybrid Stepper Motors


Phase 2
Steps/ Revolution 200
Step Angle 1.8°
Step Accuracy ±5%
Insulation Class B, 130℃
Insulation Resistance 100 MegOhms
Axial Load (20,000 hours at 1000RPM ) 40 N (9 Lbs.) Push
130 N (30 Lbs.) Pull
Radial Load (20,000 hours at 1000RPM ) 70 N (15.5 Lbs.)At Flat Center
Operating Temp. -20℃~50℃
IP Rating IP 40
Approvals UL Recognized File E465363, RoHS

Model Numbering System

Model Numbering System - NEMA 17 Standard Hybrid Stepper Motors

ML23HS – 4Lead Bi-Polar

Length Model Number Torque
Connect Rated
Rotor Inertia Motor Weight
Single Shaft P=Plug
mNmoz-in g cm²oz-in² kgLbs
ML23HS0P4100 P 1 0.82120 6.315.9 243.4 1050.66 0.420.93
ML23HS0P4100-E P 1 0.82120 6.315.9
ML23HS0P4160 P 1.6 0.83120 2.66.5
ML23HS0P4160-E P 1.6 0.83120 2.66.5
ML23HS0P4220 P 2.2 0.84120 1.393.5
ML23HS0P4220-E P 2.2 0.84120 1.393.5
ML23HS0L4350 L 3.5 0.82120 0.561.3
ML23HS0L4350-E L 3.5 0.82120 0.561.3
ML23HS4P4100 P 1 1.2170 7.322 284 1350.85 0.481.1
ML23HS4P4150 P 1.5 1.2170 3.19.2
ML23HS4P4210 P 2.1 1.2170 1.624.8
ML23HS4L4340 L 3.4 1.2170 0.651.8
ML23HS8P4100 P 1 1.5210 7.633 456.4 2151.2 0.61.3
ML23HS8P4100-E P 1 1.5210 7.633
ML23HS8P4150 P 1.5 1.5210 3.113.6
ML23HS8P4150-E P 1.5 1.5210 3.113.6
ML23HS8P4220 P 2.2 1.5210 1.66.9
ML23HS8P4220-E P 2.2 1.5210 1.66.9
ML23HS8L4360 L 3.6 1.5210 0.632.6
ML23HS8L4360-E L 3.6 1.5210 0.632.6
ML23HS8L4550 L 5.5 1.5210 0.281.03
  ML23HS8L4550-E L 5.5 1.5210 0.281.03      
ML23HSAP4100 P 1 2.3330 8.839 7511 3652.1 12.2
ML23HSAP4100-E P 1 2.3330 8.839
ML23HSAP4150 P 1.5 2.3330 4.318.5
ML23HSAP4150-E P 1.5 2.3330 4.318.5
ML23HSAP4200 P 2 2.3330 2.39.8
ML23HSAP4200-E P 2 2.3330 2.39.8
ML23HSAP4300 P 3 2.3330 1.14.5
ML23HSAP4300-E P 3 2.3330 1.14.5
ML23HSAL4500 L 5 2.3330 0.391.53
  ML23HSAL4500-E L 5 2.3330 0.391.53      
ML23HSCP4150 P 1.5 3.2450 5.123 12017 7503.3 1.53.3
ML23HSCP4200 P 2 3.2450 2.711.8
ML23HSCP4300 P 3 3.2450 1.295.5
ML23HSCL4500 L 5 3.2450 0.512.2

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ML23HS0P4100 $47.60
ML23HS0P4160 $47.60
ML23HS0P4220 $47.60
ML23HS0L4350 $47.60
ML23HS0L4350-E $49.60
ML23HS0P4100-E $49.60
ML23HS0P4160-E $49.60
ML23HS0P4220-E $49.60
ML23HS4P4100 $45.60
ML23HS4P4150 $45.60
ML23HS4P4210 $45.60
ML23HS4P4210-E $47.60
ML23HS4L4340 $45.60
ML23HS8P4100 $52.70
ML23HS8P4100-E $54.70
ML23HS8P4150 $52.70
ML23HS8P4150-E $54.70
ML23HS8P4220 $52.70
ML23HS8P4220-E $54.70
ML23HS8L4360 $52.70
ML23HS8L4360-E $54.70
ML23HS8L4550 $52.70
ML23HS8L4550-E $54.70
ML23HSAP4100 $64.60
ML23HSAP4100-E $66.60
ML23HSAP4150 $64.60
ML23HSAP4150-E $66.60
ML23HSAP4200 $64.60
ML23HSAP4200-E $66.60
ML23HSAP4300 $64.60
ML23HSAP4300-E $66.60
ML23HSAL4500 $64.60
ML23HSAL4500-E $66.60
ML23HSCP4150-000 $110.00
ML23HSCP4200-000 $110.00
ML23HSCP4300-000 $110.00
ML23HSCL4500-000 $110.00

Torque Curves 

■ ML23HS0-Bipolar
ML23HS0P4100 - Torque Speed Curves
ML23HS0P4160 - Torque Speed Curves
ML23HS0P4220 - Torque Speed Curves
ML23HS0L4350 - Torque Speed Curves

■ ML23HS4-Bipolar
ML23HS4P4100 - Torque Speed Curves
ML23HS4P4150 - Torque Speed Curves
ML23HS4P4210 - Torque Speed Curves
ML23HS4L4340 - Torque Speed Curves

■ ML23HS8-Bipolar
ML23HS8P4100 - Torque Speed Curves
ML23HS8P4150 - Torque Speed Curves
ML23HS8P4220 - Torque Speed Curves
ML23HS8L4550 - Torque Speed Curves

■ ML23HSA-Bipolar
ML23HSAP4100 - Torque Speed Curves
ML23HSAP4150 - Torque Speed Curves
ML23HSAP4200 - Torque Speed Curves
ML23HSAL4500 - Torque Speed Curves

■ ML23HSC-Bipolar
ML23HSCP4150 - Torque Speed Curves
ML23HSCP4200 - Torque Speed Curves
ML23HSCP4500 - Torque Speed Curves


■ Motor Dimensions: mm(in)
Dimensions of NEMA 23 Standard Hybrid Stepper Motors

■ Mating connector With Leads(order separately) Dimensions: mm(in)
Mating connector With Leads(order separately) Dimensions: mm(in)


2D Drawings
3D Model
Torque Speed Curves
Title Type Size(KB) Download
ML23HS Series_Torque Speed Curve.pdf PDF 7230
Title Type Size(KB) Download
Hybrid Stepper Motor_Catalog2019.pdf PDF 15487

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With years of expertise and experience in the design, development, manufacturing and marketing of hybrid stepper motors, MOONS' provides a wealthy customized services, therefore, you can find suitable solutions for any special demands here.

Step Sequence & Schematic Diagrams

Step Sequence & Schematic Diagrams -  NEMA 23 Standard Hybrid Stepper Motors


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Considering all possible harsh application environments, MOONS' specially designed labels for each product, which pass water-resistance test, durability rub test, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance tests.

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