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Input Voltage(Vac)
Output Power(W)
Output Voltage(V)
Output Current(mA)
Dimming Mode
Driver Type
Number of Output Channels

90~305VAC, Constant Current Drivers 

Universal Input Voltage Series LED drivers are suitable with wide input rating voltage for global market. Different form factors are available for the perfect fit with your luminaire.
  • PU025HxxxAQ_CLKS Series

    PU025HxxxAQ_CLKS Series

    With an output power of 25 watts, the PU025HxxxAQ_CLKS LED driver is the superior choice for your LED fixture.The output of CLKS series is adjustable according to time.
  • Item V_in
    Efficiency (230Vac) P_out
    Driver Type V_out
    Dimming Mode Price
    PU025H045AQ_CLKS 90-305 84% 25 CC 28-55 450 0-10V,PWM,CLK
    PU025H053AQ_CLKS 90-305 83% 25 CC 24-47 530 0-10V,PWM,CLK
    PU025H070AQ_CLKS 90-305 81% 25 CC 18-36 700 0-10V,PWM,CLK