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12W/20W/30W DALI Solo Series

MOONS' DALI Intelligent driver is ideal for Office, Architecture, and Commercial Lighting applications. Dimming one channel on the driver via DALI dimming equipment.
● Input voltage: 100~277 VAC
● Dimming performance: 0→0.1%→100% dimming range, Linear/Logarithmic Curve,16 bits resolution
● Dimming Interface: DALI-2
● NFC Programming
● Flicker Free: CEC title 24 JA10/IEEE PAR 1789-2015
● 5-year Warranty
Brand Name: MOONS'
Price: USD  36.0  -  55.0  EA

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For more information about DALI please refer to:
"Basic Knowledge of DALI LED Driver"
"The Difference between DALI Device Type 8 and Type 6"
DALI intelligent driver is ideal for Commercial, residential, architectural, museum lighting applications. Different form factors are available for the perfect fit with luminaire. This series operates from 108~305VAC and offer various dimming functions that could be configured by MOONS' patented programmer: Touch Setting Tool.

Why You Need Dim to 0.1%

Measured light and Perceived light:

Measured light output is the quantifiable value of light (measured in foot-candles) by a light meter or similar device. This is the dimming ratio percentage indicated on LED product specification sheets.
Perceived light is the amount of light that your eye interprets as a result of pupil dilation. The eye's pupil dilates at lower light levels, causing the amount of light to be perceived higher than measured.
For instance, a measured light intensity of 10%, will be perceived as 32%, if 1% measured light, will have a perceived brightness of about 10%, and 0.1% measured light, will have a perceived brightness of about 3.2%.

In figure below, the horizontal axis shows light output measured by means of a light meter and the vertical axis shows the light output as we perceive it.
Measured light and Perceived light
Measured light and Perceived light (part)

MOONS' is the Member of DiiA

MOONS' owns official DALI tester "ProbitLab"
MOONS' is the Member of DiiA
MOONS' owns official DALI tester

Fading Show
20W 100%→0% fading
20W 0%→100% fading

Operating Logic

Settable Output
Output voltage range: 8~54VDC, auto-adapting according to fixture's Vf.
Output current range: 100~1500mA, can be set via Touch Setting Tool.

250~1500mA: the current operating in continuous mode.
0~250mA: the current operating in PWM dimming mode and the PWM frequency equals 7.2KHz.
Settable Output

Programmable Function

Touch Setting Programming
Touch Setting Programming


Model List

Part Number Output Voltage Range Output Current Range Dimming Description Case Structure Certificate
PU012S070AQI350 8~50VDC 150~700mA DALI-2 Plastic case ENEC, CE, CB, PSE
PU012S105AQI350 2.5-15VDC 200~1050mA ENEC, CE, CB, PSE
PU020S105AQI350 8~54VDC 150~1050mA ENEC, CE, CB
PU030S150AQI350 8~54VDC 100~1500mA ENEC, CE, CB, PSE

Model Encoding

Model Encoding

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3D Model
Title Type Size(KB) Download
PU012SxxxAQI350 3D STEP 3452
Title Type Size(KB) Download
30W PSE PDF 299
PU012S070AQI350 PSE Cover PDF 149
30W PSE Cover PDF 207
12W PSE PDF 299
PU012S105AQI350 PSE Cover PDF 149