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MS28 Series Linear Slides

MS28, Miniature linear slides has the characteristics of small volume, high effect, strong rigidity and high precision. At the same time, the selection is simple, the delivery period is short, and the installation is convenient.
● High precision
● High rigidity linear actuator
● Space saving
● Encoder and brake optional
● A range of lead screw and ball screw options
Brand Name: MOONS'
Price: USD  423.0  -  456.0  EA

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Three sizes of  motor options: NEMA11/14/17 MOONS' Linear Slides are designed to meet the needs of customers' compact structure. These products offer many advantages such as high integration, small size, quieter operation, stable product quality and lower cost.
Not only provides the best performance but also easier to use.
  • High Rigidity
    The ball linear guide uses four rows of arc grooves, with a contact angle of 45 degrees such as four rows of steel balls, so that the steel balls can achieve an ideal two-point contact structure, which can withstand the load from the up and down and left and right directions; when necessary, it can be pre-applied. Press to increase rigidity.
    High rigidity linear module
    • High
    The stepper motor used in MOONS's linear module has undergone a series of optimizations and improvements, and its performance and value have been greatly improved:
    High performance stepper motor apply for linear module
    • High
    An intuitive leap forward in nut design for lead screw applications, Constant Force Technology utilizes a constant force spring to apply a uniform pressure to the nut at all stages of the motion profile.
    The repeat accuracy of standard nut drive can reach ±0.05mm;
    The repeat accuracy of anti-backlash nut drive is higher than ±0.02mm.

    High precision constant force technology
  • application
    X/Y/θ axis adjustment of mobile platform
    Application of X/Y/θ axis adjustment of mobile platform

    • Lens and mirror adjustment of microscope/telescope
    • Table placement
  • Up and down movement of Z axis
    applications of Z-axis moving up and down

    • Semiconductor and LCD manufacturing equipment
    • Automata and test equipment, etc.

MS Series Standard Models for stock

MS28 Series Standard Models for stock

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MS28-3D10T-LAH1-30-0 $423.00
MS28-3D10T-LAH1-60-0 $434.00
MS28-3D10T-LAH1-90-0 $456.00
MS28-3D10T-LAE1-30-0 $423.00
MS28-3D10T-LAE1-60-0 $434.00
MS28-3D10T-LAE1-90-0 $456.00
MS28-3D10T-LAB1-30-0 $423.00
MS28-3D10T-LAB1-60-0 $434.00
MS28-3D10T-LAB1-90-0 $456.00
MS28-3D10T-LAC1-30-0 $423.00
MS28-3D10T-LAC1-60-0 $434.00
MS28-3D10T-LAC1-90-0 $456.00
MS28-3D10T-LAH2-30-0 $427.00
MS28-3D10T-LAH2-60-0 $439.00
MS28-3D10T-LAH2-90-0 $450.00
MS28-3D10T-LAE2-30-0 $427.00
MS28-3D10T-LAE2-60-0 $439.00
MS28-3D10T-LAE2-90-0 $450.00
MS28-3D10T-LAB2-30-0 $427.00
MS28-3D10T-LAB2-60-0 $439.00
MS28-3D10T-LAB2-90-0 $450.00
MS28-3D10T-LAC2-30-0 $427.00
MS28-3D10T-LAC2-60-0 $439.00
MS28-3D10T-LAC2-90-0 $450.00


Drawing of MS28 Series Linear Slides

2D Drawings
3D Model

Guide for module selection

Action frequency

The transmission mode of this series of modules is sliding screw drive, which is recommended to be used in low action frequency situations.(The reference standard is 10 seconds once, running for 8 hours per day)

Vertical installation instructions

When the module is used vertically,If the device suddenly loses power, the slider may slide freely and cause injury to the device or personnel.Therefore, when the module is used vertically, full consideration should be given to whether the self-locking force can overcome the load so that the sliding block does not slide freely. If the selflocking force cannot overcome the load sliding freely, consideration should be given to increasing the brake.
For sliding screw drive modules:
If the lead lead to diameter ratio of the lead screw is less than 1:3, the module can completely self-lock generally; If the lead-to-diameter ratio of the lead screw is greater than 1:3, the module has a certain self-locking force. If you need to calculate the self-locking force, please contact the factory.


This series of products is a simple module, sliding screw drive, in the precision performance and impact resistance is weak.The recommended maximum acceleration of the motor is less than 0.3g, and the maximum load is as follows:
Maximum load of linear guide module

Due to the sliding friction between the nut and lead screw, there will be a certain degree of dust and debris generated during the normal operation of the module. Please contact the factory if you need to use it in a dustfree environment.


Sliding bar nuts are divided into two types: Standard nuts;Clearance nuts.
When the standard nut is used for transmission, there is a definite reverse back gap between the lead screw and the nut, and the module repetition accuracy is ±0.05mm; When the clearance nut is used for transmission, there is no reverse back gap between the lead screw and the nut, and the module repetition accuracy is higher than ±0.02mm.
For higher precision products, please contact the factory.


Grease action: restrain friction, reduce temperature rise, improve efficiency, reduce noise, increase life, etc.
Grease has been applied to the lead screw when the module leaves the factory. If grease is not needed for special occasions, please contact the factory.
(Reference standard for grease: base oil is synthetic oil, lithium base grease of consistency grade 2.)

The work environment

Normal working environment of module: Temperature range 0~40°C, Humidity below 85%RH (no condensation).
Acid-free and alkaline environment.
For special environment use, please contact the factory.

User guide for modules

Installation datum level requirements

The base surface of module installation must be ground or precision milling to achieve the flatness within 0.05mm/m and surface roughness Ra1.6, otherwise, operation may not be smooth, noise, shaking and other conditions may occur.

Smoothness check

The module shall be checked for smoothness after installation.When the motor is not powered on, insert a screwdriver or a torque meter with a one-word tool head into the slot at the end of the lead screw, turn the lead screw to check the rotating torque, and the torque value of the lead screw is close within the travel range of the slide seat.
When the module leaves the factory, grease will be applied on the lead screw. The user may not apply the grease again for the first time, but after running for a period of time, grease shall be added regularly according to the specific situation.

Electricity debugging

Please check the motor drive current carefully before the module is powered on. It is recommended that the drive current be set to equal to or slightly less than the rated current of the motor.Too much drive current may burn out the motor, and too little drive current may cause insufficient motor torque and lead to lost step or blocked turn.
Please pay attention to the reasonable setting of motor increase and decrease speeds (it is recommended to be less than 0.3g). If the acceleration and deceleration are too large, the motor may be blocked and step loss. The motor cannot be started directly without setting the acceleration and deceleration.
During the installation, debugging and use of modules, try to avoid the impact of the slide seat on the end blocks at both ends, otherwise it may lead to looseness of the end block, bending of the lead screw, inconsistent concentricity, etc.Thus: operation is not smooth, abnormal sound, thrust reduction, precision reduction, vibration and so on.

Storage and custody

Please place the modules horizontally and keep the environment dry.
Grease on the lead screw surface may evaporate and coagulate after the module is placed for a long time, so it is recommended that the lead screw surface be kept for no more than three months.


Delivery & Packaging

Logistics tracking

Ensure your ordered products are always safely packaged from easy click to fast delivery to your hands

Professional Product Label

Considering all possible harsh application environments, MOONS' specially designed labels for each product, which pass water-resistance test, durability rub test, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance tests.

Besides, our product labels are attached with QR code linking to product details, which is convenient for clients to view the detail product page with their mobile phones.

Note: This label design is suitable for products of stepper motor.

(Professional packing box and unique appearance design)

(Single item packed with EPE)

(Multi-products packed with another box)

Safely Packaging

In order to ensure your shipments withstand the long trip and arrive safely and intact, MOONS' specially designed Individual package to pass the drop test with its stable structure.
Besides,the package is made from recyclable materials, providing you with professional safety delivery.
Whether just single item or multi-products the clients buy, all products are packed twice to avoid the damage further.

Shipping Visualization

For each case, products are carefully packed by experienced warehouse staff and the key processes are recorded by photos, which are then posted on our website, so that clients could clearly know the packing process and logistics status after placing order.

(Product in the box)

(Add the invoice)

(Label the commodity)

(The logistics waybill attached)

Fast Delivery

Fast Cross-Border Delivery
MOONS' chooses DHL as our main international express shipping partner. As the world's leading logistics specialist, DHL provides our customers with fast and professional inter- national door-to-door delivery service.
Estimated Delivery Time: e.g. China-USA major cities 3 business days.

Warehouse Management

MOONS’ has an experienced warehouse management team, all products and materials are clearly classified and neatly arranged.