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NEMA11 Non-captive Hybrid Linear Stepper Motors

NEMA11, Non-captive linear stepper motor actuators, High performance, Exceptional endurance, Low noise, Highly effective. Multiple options: different size of motors, different types of leadscrews, different types of nuts.
● High performance
● Exceptional endurance
● Ship within 5 business days of ordering
Brand Name: MOONS'
Price: USD  114.0  -  118.0  EA

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In the case of linear actuators without linear guide (non-captive linear stepper motors), a lead screw nut is integrated into the motor rotor, and the lead screw passes through the center of the motor. As the motor rotates it moves linearly along the lead screw. the lead screw can be completely unscrewed from the motor and can be any length. The motor can be fixed so that the screw moves in out of the motor, or the lead screw can be fixed so that the motor moves along the lead screw. in addition, the unique LNSM series can be compatible with clearance nut and more screw options.
NEMA11 non-captive linear stepper motor

High Performance

The excellent winding of NEMA11 non-captive linear stepper motors design makes the temperature rise of the motor lower and the output torque is greater; the excellent structural design makes the motor longer life and better heat dissipation.

Precision Screws

MOONS' works with leading providers to source high-precision lead screws. With screw diameters up to 10 mm and lead starting at 1mm/rev, the linear stepper motors can be customized with a wide range of stroke lengths, leads, end machining.

High Repeatibility

The repetitive positioning accuracy of the lead screws and the standard nut of the linear stepping motor is ±0.05, and it can reach ±0.02 with the anti-backlash nut. Ideal for applications that require precise positioning (such as feed, pick and place, axis setting, etc.) and force control applications (such as clamping and tensioning).
Once you have chosen your type of linear stepper motor, you can use the article number to check whether the desired product meets your requirements:
The Numbering System of NEMA11 non-captive linear stepper motors

LN Series Standard Models for stock

Size Motor Series   Lead Screw Options   Screw Length Options   End Machining Code   Rated Current Options
28*28 LN111S - E04006 - 70,80,90,100,
- S - 050,067,100
The ordering information of NEMA11 des non-captive linear stepper motors

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LN111S-E04006-70-S-050 $114.00
LN111S-E04006-80-S-050 $114.00
LN111S-E04006-90-S-050 $114.00
LN111S-E04006-100-S-050 $116.00
LN111S-E04006-110-S-050 $116.00
LN111S-E04006-125-S-050 $116.00
LN111S-E04006-150-S-050 $118.00
LN111S-E04006-180-S-050 $118.00
LN111S-E04006-200-S-050 $118.00
LN111S-E04025-70-S-050 $114.00
LN111S-E04025-80-S-050 $114.00
LN111S-E04025-90-S-050 $114.00
LN111S-E04025-100-S-050 $116.00
LN111S-E04025-110-S-050 $116.00
LN111S-E04025-125-S-050 $116.00
LN111S-E04025-150-S-050 $118.00
LN111S-E04025-180-S-050 $118.00
LN111S-E04025-200-S-050 $118.00
LN111S-E04006-70-S-100 $114.00
LN111S-E04006-80-S-100 $114.00
LN111S-E04006-90-S-100 $114.00
LN111S-E04006-100-S-100 $116.00
LN111S-E04006-110-S-100 $116.00
LN111S-E04006-125-S-100 $116.00
LN111S-E04006-150-S-100 $118.00
LN111S-E04006-180-S-100 $118.00
LN111S-E04006-200-S-100 $118.00
LN111S-E04025-70-S-100 $114.00
LN111S-E04025-80-S-100 $114.00
LN111S-E04025-90-S-100 $114.00
LN111S-E04025-100-S-100 $116.00
LN111S-E04025-110-S-100 $116.00
LN111S-E04025-125-S-100 $116.00
LN111S-E04025-150-S-100 $118.00
LN111S-E04025-180-S-100 $118.00
LN111S-E04025-200-S-100 $118.00

Speed-Force Reference Curve

Speed-Force Reference Curve of NEMA11 Non-captive Linear Stepper Motors


Drawing of NEMA11 Non-captive Linear Stepper Motors

2D Drawings
Title Type Size(KB) Download
LN111S-E04006-70-S-050 2D drawing PDF 377
LN111S-E04025-100-S-100 2D drawing PDF 376
LN111S-E04025-150-S-050 2D drawing PDF 375
LN111S-E04006-70-S-100 2D drawing PDF 377
LN111S-E04006-90-S-100 2D drawing PDF 376
LN111S-E04006-100-S-050 2D drawing PDF 376
LN111S-E04006-90-S-050 2D drawing PDF 376
LN111S-E04006-200-S-100 2D drawing PDF 375
LN111S-E04006-150-S-067 2D drawing PDF 375
LN111S-E04006-150-S-050 2D drawing PDF 375
LN111S-E04006-80-S-050 2D drawing PDF 376
LN111S-E04006-110-S-050 2D drawing PDF 376
LN111S-E04006-200-S-050 2D drawing PDF 375
LN111S-E04025-70-S-050 2D drawing PDF 377
LN111S-E04006-150-S-100 2D drawing PDF 375
LN111S-E04025-180-S-100 2D drawing PDF 375
LN111S-E04025-110-S-050 2D drawing PDF 376
LN111S-E04006-125-S-100 2D drawing PDF 375
LN111S-E04006-90-S-067 2D drawing PDF 376
LN111S-E04006-180-S-100 2D drawing PDF 375
LN111S-E04006-125-S-050 2D drawing PDF 376
LN111S-E04006-100-S-100 2D drawing PDF 376
LN111S-E04006-180-S-050 2D drawing PDF 375
LN111S-E04025-100-S-050 2D drawing PDF 376
LN111S-E04006-70-S-067 2D drawing PDF 377
LN111S-E04025-200-S-100 2D drawing PDF 375
LN111S-E04025-150-S-100 2D drawing PDF 375
LN111S-E04025-100-S-067 2D drawing PDF 376
LN111S-E04025-80-S-050 2D drawing PDF 376
LN111S-E04006-110-S-100 2D drawing PDF 376
LN111S-E04006-80-S-100 2D drawing PDF 376
LN111S-E04025-70-S-100 2D drawing PDF 376
LN111S-E04025-180-S-050 2D drawing PDF 375
LN111S-E04025-200-S-050 2D drawing PDF 375
LN111S-E04006-125-S-067 2D drawing PDF 375
LN111S-E04025-80-S-067 2D drawing PDF 376
LN111S-E04025-150-S-067 2D drawing PDF 375
LN111S-E04006-100-S-067 2D drawing PDF 376
LN111S-E04025-70-S-067 2D drawing PDF 377
LN111S-E04025-180-S-067 2D drawing PDF 375
LN111S-E04025-90-S-050 2D drawing PDF 376
LN111S-E04006-110-S-067 2D drawing PDF 376
LN111S-E04025-200-S-067 2D drawing PDF 375
LN111S-E04025-90-S-100 2D drawing PDF 376
LN111S-E04006-80-S-067 2D drawing PDF 376
LN111S-E04006-200-S-067 2D drawing PDF 375
LN111S-E04025-110-S-100 2D drawing PDF 376
LN111S-E04025-110-S-067 2D drawing PDF 376
LN111S-E04025-125-S-067 2D drawing PDF 375
LN111S-E04025-90-S-067 2D drawing PDF 376
LN111S-E04006-180-S-067 2D drawing PDF 375
LN111S-E04025-125-S-050 2D drawing PDF 376
LN111S-E04025-125-S-100 2D drawing PDF 375
LN111S-E04025-80-S-100 2D drawing PDF 376
3D Model
Title Type Size(KB) Download
LN111S-E04006-70-S-050 3D尺寸图 STEP 900
LN111S-E04006-100-S-050 3D尺寸图 STEP 897
LN111S-E04025-100-S-100 3D尺寸图 STEP 897
LN111S-E04006-70-S-100 3D尺寸图 STEP 900
LN111S-E04025-70-S-050 3D尺寸图 STEP 900
LN111S-E04006-110-S-050 3D尺寸图 STEP 916
LN111S-E04006-200-S-100 3D尺寸图 STEP 1131
LN111S-E04006-90-S-050 3D尺寸图 STEP 898
LN111S-E04006-80-S-050 3D尺寸图 STEP 922
LN111S-E04025-200-S-100 3D尺寸图 STEP 1131
LN111S-E04025-200-S-050 3D尺寸图 STEP 1131
LN111S-E04006-150-S-050 3D尺寸图 STEP 871
LN111S-E04006-90-S-100 3D尺寸图 STEP 899
LN111S-E04025-100-S-067 3D尺寸图 STEP 897
LN111S-E04025-110-S-100 3D尺寸图 STEP 916
LN111S-E04006-200-S-050 3D尺寸图 STEP 1131
LN111S-E04006-150-S-067 3D尺寸图 STEP 871
LN111S-E04006-125-S-100 3D尺寸图 STEP 911
LN111S-E04006-125-S-050 3D尺寸图 STEP 911
LN111S-E04025-110-S-050 3D尺寸图 STEP 916
LN111S-E04025-125-S-067 3D尺寸图 STEP 911
LN111S-E04025-90-S-050 3D尺寸图 STEP 898
LN111S-E04025-150-S-050 3D尺寸图 STEP 871
LN111S-E04006-180-S-050 3D尺寸图 STEP 1129
LN111S-E04025-180-S-100 3D尺寸图 STEP 1129
LN111S-E04025-180-S-067 3D尺寸图 STEP 1128
LN111S-E04025-150-S-067 3D尺寸图 STEP 871
LN111S-E04006-100-S-100 3D尺寸图 STEP 897
LN111S-E04025-150-S-100 3D尺寸图 STEP 871
LN111S-E04025-80-S-067 3D尺寸图 STEP 926
LN111S-E04025-180-S-050 3D尺寸图 STEP 1129
LN111S-E04006-80-S-100 3D尺寸图 STEP 926
LN111S-E04025-200-S-067 3D尺寸图 STEP 1131
LN111S-E04025-90-S-067 3D尺寸图 STEP 898
LN111S-E04006-100-S-067 3D尺寸图 STEP 897
LN111S-E04006-200-S-067 3D尺寸图 STEP 1131
LN111S-E04025-70-S-100 3D尺寸图 STEP 900
LN111S-E04025-125-S-100 3D尺寸图 STEP 911
LN111S-E04006-110-S-067 3D尺寸图 STEP 916
LN111S-E04006-180-S-100 3D尺寸图 STEP 1129
LN111S-E04006-80-S-067 3D尺寸图 STEP 926
LN111S-E04006-180-S-067 3D尺寸图 STEP 1129
LN111S-E04006-110-S-100 3D尺寸图 STEP 916
LN111S-E04006-150-S-100 3D尺寸图 STEP 871
LN111S-E04025-100-S-050 3D尺寸图 STEP 897
LN111S-E04006-125-S-067 3D尺寸图 STEP 911
LN111S-E04025-80-S-100 3D尺寸图 STEP 926
LN111S-E04025-70-S-067 3D尺寸图 STEP 900
LN111S-E04006-70-S-067 3D尺寸图 STEP 900
LN111S-E04006-90-S-067 3D尺寸图 STEP 898
LN111S-E04025-125-S-050 3D尺寸图 STEP 911
LN111S-E04025-110-S-067 3D尺寸图 STEP 916
LN111S-E04025-80-S-050 3D尺寸图 STEP 926
LN111S-E04025-90-S-100 3D尺寸图 STEP 898
Title Type Size(KB) Download
Linear Motion Product General Catalogue PDF 21843

Step Sequence & Schematic Diagrams

Step Sequence & Schematic Diagrams of Linear Stepper Motors


Delivery & Packaging

Logistics tracking

Ensure your ordered products are always safely packaged from easy click to fast delivery to your hands

Professional Product Label

Considering all possible harsh application environments, MOONS' specially designed labels for each product, which pass water-resistance test, durability rub test, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance tests.

Besides, our product labels are attached with QR code linking to product details, which is convenient for clients to view the detail product page with their mobile phones.

Note: This label design is suitable for products of stepper motor.

(Professional packing box and unique appearance design)

(Single item packed with EPE)

(Multi-products packed with another box)

Safely Packaging

In order to ensure your shipments withstand the long trip and arrive safely and intact, MOONS' specially designed Individual package to pass the drop test with its stable structure.
Besides,the package is made from recyclable materials, providing you with professional safety delivery.
Whether just single item or multi-products the clients buy, all products are packed twice to avoid the damage further.

Shipping Visualization

For each case, products are carefully packed by experienced warehouse staff and the key processes are recorded by photos, which are then posted on our website, so that clients could clearly know the packing process and logistics status after placing order.

(Product in the box)

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(The logistics waybill attached)

Fast Delivery

Fast Cross-Border Delivery
MOONS' chooses DHL as our main international express shipping partner. As the world's leading logistics specialist, DHL provides our customers with fast and professional inter- national door-to-door delivery service.
Estimated Delivery Time: e.g. China-USA major cities 3 business days.

Warehouse Management

MOONS’ has an experienced warehouse management team, all products and materials are clearly classified and neatly arranged.