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NEMA17 Ball Screw Hybrid Linear Stepper Motors

NEMA17, Ball screw linear stepper motor actuators, High performance, Exceptional endurance, Low noise, Highly effective. Multiple options: different size of motors, different types of leadscrews, different types of nuts.
● High mechanical efficiency
● High accuracy
● High rigidity
Brand Name: MOONS'
Price: USD  294.0  -  430.0  EA

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MOONS's ball screw linear stepper motors are designed based on the know-how technology of hybrid stepper motors, ball screws, and nuts. Provide high torque, high precision, and high efficiency to fit the application needs of designers. In the case of external linear actuators, the lead screw is permanently attached to the motor shaft and turns with the shaft when the motor is energized. If an externally threaded nut is mounted on the lead screw and secured against rotating by an external guide, the threaded nut moves along the lead screw.
The combination of motor styles, motor sizes, ball screws, and nuts, gives the freedom to use motors of different form factors to exactly fit in the application. And, it provides the best performance with any drive and power supply.
NEMA17 Ball screw linear stepper motors

High mechanical efficiency

The Ball screws of Linear stepper Motors have outstanding transmission efficiency of over 90%, incomparably higher than lead screws. Their required torque is just less than a third of what the lead screws require. Therefore, it is easier to transfer a linear motion into a rotary motion.
mechanical efficiency of NEMA 17 Ball Screw Linear stepper Motors

High accuracy

The ball screw of the linear stepper motors adopts the Gothic arch groove profile, and its axial clearance can be adjusted at very fine intervals and can be rotated slightly. In addition, by giving a preload to the screw, the axial clearance could be adjusted to 0 to achieve higher accuracy. The repetitive positioning accuracy of the ball screw linear stepperping motor can reach ±0.02mm, the screw diameter is up to 10mm, and the lead starts from 0.01mm/rev. Various stroke lengths, lead wires, and end treatments of the screw rods can be customized.
Groove profile of nema 17 Ball Screw Linear stepper Motors

High rigidity

The Ball screws of linear stepper motors maintain excellent durability achieved by carefully selected materials, proper heat treatment, and machining with advanced production technologies. Ball screws are generally manufactured to maintain the minimum standard hardness at 58 HRC with the materials listed on the right table.The overall hardness far exceeds the combination of threaded screws and nuts.
Materials and hardness of nema 17 Ball Screw Linear stepper Motors

NEMA17 Ball Screw Linear Motors Stepper Standard Models for stock

Size Motor Series   Lead Screw Options   Screw Length Options   Nut Options   End Machining Code   Rated Current Options
42*42 BE172S - B0801 - 75,100,125,150,
- AK1 - 0,S - 200
B0802 AK1
B0805 BU1
B0808 BM1
BE176S B0801 AK1
B0802 AK1
B0805 BU1
B0808 BM1
The ordering information of NEMA17 Ball Screw Linear Stepper Motors

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BE172S-B0801-75-AK1-0-200 $390.00
BE172S-B0801-100-AK1-0-200 $396.00
BE172S-B0801-125-AK1-0-200 $401.00
BE172S-B0801-150-AK1-S-200 $407.00
BE172S-B0801-175-AK1-S-200 $412.00
BE172S-B0801-200-AK1-S-200 $418.00
BE172S-B0801-225-AK1-S-200 $423.00
BE172S-B0801-250-AK1-S-200 $430.00
BE172S-B0802-75-AK1-0-200 $374.00
BE172S-B0802-100-AK1-0-200 $380.00
BE172S-B0802-125-AK1-0-200 $385.00
BE172S-B0802-150-AK1-S-200 $390.00
BE172S-B0802-175-AK1-S-200 $396.00
BE172S-B0802-200-AK1-S-200 $401.00
BE172S-B0802-225-AK1-S-200 $410.00
BE172S-B0802-250-AK1-S-200 $416.00
BE172S-B0805-75-FF1-0-200 $301.00
BE172S-B0805-100-FF1-0-200 $307.00
BE172S-B0805-125-FF1-0-200 $312.00
BE172S-B0805-150-FF1-S-200 $318.00
BE172S-B0805-175-FF1-S-200 $323.00
BE172S-B0805-200-FF1-S-200 $329.00
BE172S-B0805-225-FF1-S-200 $334.00
BE172S-B0805-250-FF1-S-200 $340.00
BE172S-B0808-75-FF1-0-200 $347.00
BE172S-B0808-100-FF1-0-200 $352.00
BE172S-B0808-125-FF1-0-200 $358.00
BE172S-B0808-150-FF1-S-200 $363.00
BE172S-B0808-175-FF1-S-200 $369.00
BE172S-B0808-200-FF1-S-200 $376.00
BE172S-B0808-225-FF1-S-200 $381.00
BE172S-B0808-250-FF1-S-200 $387.00
BE176S-B0801-75-AK1-0-200 $381.00
BE176S-B0801-100-AK1-0-200 $387.00
BE176S-B0801-125-AK1-0-200 $392.00
BE176S-B0801-150-AK1-S-200 $398.00
BE176S-B0801-175-AK1-S-200 $401.00
BE176S-B0801-200-AK1-S-200 $407.00
BE176S-B0801-225-AK1-S-200 $425.00
BE176S-B0801-250-AK1-S-200 $430.00
BE176S-B0802-75-AK1-0-200 $381.00
BE176S-B0802-100-AK1-0-200 $387.00
BE176S-B0802-125-AK1-0-200 $392.00
BE176S-B0802-150-AK1-S-200 $398.00
BE176S-B0802-175-AK1-S-200 $401.00
BE176S-B0802-200-AK1-S-200 $407.00
BE176S-B0802-225-AK1-S-200 $425.00
BE176S-B0802-250-AK1-S-200 $430.00
BE176S-B0805-75-FF1-0-200 $294.00
BE176S-B0805-100-FF1-0-200 $300.00
BE176S-B0805-125-FF1-0-200 $305.00
BE176S-B0805-150-FF1-S-200 $310.00
BE176S-B0805-175-FF1-S-200 $316.00
BE176S-B0805-200-FF1-S-200 $321.00
BE176S-B0805-225-FF1-S-200 $327.00
BE176S-B0805-250-FF1-S-200 $332.00
BE176S-B0808-75-FF1-0-200 $350.00
BE176S-B0808-100-FF1-0-200 $356.00
BE176S-B0808-125-FF1-0-200 $361.00
BE176S-B0808-150-FF1-0-200 $365.00
BE176S-B0808-175-FF1-S-200 $370.00
BE176S-B0808-200-FF1-S-200 $376.00
BE176S-B0808-225-FF1-S-200 $381.00
BE176S-B0808-250-FF1-S-200 $387.00

Speed-Force Reference Curve

Speed-Force Reference Curve of NEMA17 Ball Screw Hybrid Linear Stepper Motors


Drawing of NEMA17 Ball Screw Hybrid Linear Stepper Motors

2D Drawings
Title Type Size(KB) Download
BE172S-B0801-75-AK1-0-200 2D Drawing PDF 350
BE172S-B0801-100-AK1-0-200 2D Drawing PDF 350
BE172S-B0801-175-AK1-S-200 2D Drawing PDF 350
BE172S-B0801-150-AK1-S-200 2D Drawing PDF 350
BE172S-B0801-250-AK1-S-200 2D Drawing PDF 362
BE176S-B0808-100-BM1-0-200 2D Drawing PDF 348
BE172S-B0801-125-AK1-0-200 2D Drawing PDF 350
BE172S-B0802-75-AK1-0-200.PDF PDF 350
BE176S-B0801-75-AK1-0-200 2D Drawing PDF 350
BE172S-B0801-200-AK1-S-200 2D Drawing PDF 350
BE176S-B0802-75-AK1-0-200.PDF PDF 350
BE172S-B0801-225-AK1-S-200 2D Drawing PDF 350
BE172S-B0808-250-BM1-S-200 2D Drawing PDF 359
BE176S-B0801-100-AK1-0-200 2D Drawing PDF 350
BE172S-B0805-250-FF1-S-200.PDF PDF 232
BE176S-B0801-250-AK1-S-200 2D Drawing PDF 362
BE176S-B0801-175-AK1-S-200 2D Drawing PDF 350
BE176S-B0801-200-AK1-S-200 2D Drawing PDF 350
BE176S-B0805-75-BU1-0-200 2D Drawing PDF 349
BE172S-B0808-75-BM1-0-200 2D Drawing PDF 349
BE172S-B0805-75-FF1-0-200.PDF PDF 232
BE172S-B0802-200-AK1-S-200.PDF PDF 350
BE172S-B0808-75-FF1-0-200.PDF PDF 234
BE176S-B0808-250-FF1-S-200.PDF PDF 251
BE172S-B0808-100-FF1-0-200.PDF PDF 253
BE176S-B0802-150-AK1-S-200.PDF PDF 350
BE176S-B0802-200-AK1-S-200.PDF PDF 350
BE172S-B0808-200-BM1-S-200 2D Drawing PDF 349
BE176S-B0801-150-AK1-S-200 2D Drawing PDF 350
BE176S-B0805-200-BU1-S-200 2D Drawing PDF 349
BE176S-B0808-150-BM1-S-200 2D Drawing PDF 349
BE176S-B0805-150-BU1-S-200 2D Drawing PDF 349
BE176S-B0808-75-BM1-0-200 2D Drawing PDF 349
BE176S-B0805-125-BU1-0-200 2D Drawing PDF 348
BE176S-B0808-125-BM1-0-200 2D Drawing PDF 348
BE176S-B0808-200-BM1-S-200 2D Drawing PDF 349
BE172S-B0808-175-BM1-S-200 2D Drawing PDF 349
BE176S-B0808-175-BM1-S-200 2D Drawing PDF 349
BE176S-B0801-125-AK1-0-200 2D Drawing PDF 350
BE176S-B0808-225-BM1-S-200 2D Drawing PDF 348
BE172S-B0808-125-BM1-0-200 2D Drawing PDF 353
BE172S-B0808-100-BM1-0-200 2D Drawing PDF 348
BE172S-B0808-225-BM1-S-200 2D Drawing PDF 348
BE176S-B0805-250-BU1-S-200 2D Drawing PDF 359
BE172S-B0808-150-BM1-S-200 2D Drawing PDF 349
BE176S-B0805-225-BU1-S-200 2D Drawing PDF 349
BE176S-B0808-250-BM1-S-200 2D Drawing PDF 359
BE176S-B0805-100-BU1-0-200 2D Drawing PDF 349
BE176S-B0805-175-BU1-S-200 2D Drawing PDF 349
BE176S-B0801-225-AK1-S-200 2D Drawing PDF 350
BE172S-B0802-100-AK1-0-200.PDF PDF 350
BE172S-B0805-225-FF1-S-200.PDF PDF 232
BE172S-B0808-175-FF1-S-200.PDF PDF 233
BE176S-B0802-100-AK1-0-200.PDF PDF 350
BE176S-B0802-225-AK1-S-200.PDF PDF 350
BE176S-B0805-200-FF1-S-200.PDF PDF 232
BE176S-B0808-200-FF1-S-200.PDF PDF 252
BE172S-B0805-100-FF1-0-200.PDF PDF 258
BE172S-B0808-200-FF1-S-200.PDF PDF 257
BE176S-B0805-75-FF1-0-200.PDF PDF 230
BE176S-B0805-125-FF1-0-200.PDF PDF 230
BE176S-B0808-75-FF1-0-200.PDF PDF 251
BE176S-B0808-175-FF1-S-200.PDF PDF 252
BE172S-B0802-125-AK1-0-200.PDF PDF 350
BE176S-B0802-175-AK1-S-200.PDF PDF 350
BE176S-B0805-150-FF1-S-200.PDF PDF 232
BE176S-B0808-225-FF1-S-200.PDF PDF 251
BE172S-B0802-225-AK1-S-200.PDF PDF 350
BE172S-B0805-200-FF1-S-200.PDF PDF 232
BE172S-B0808-250-FF1-S-200.PDF PDF 233
BE176S-B0805-100-FF1-0-200.PDF PDF 230
BE172S-B0808-125-FF1-0-200.PDF PDF 232
BE172S-B0808-150-FF1-S-200.PDF PDF 233
BE176S-B0805-175-FF1-S-200.PDF PDF 232
BE172S-B0802-250-AK1-S-200.PDF PDF 361
BE176S-B0805-225-FF1-S-200.PDF PDF 232
BE172S-B0802-175-AK1-S-200.PDF PDF 350
BE172S-B0805-150-FF1-S-200.PDF PDF 232
BE176S-B0802-250-AK1-S-200.PDF PDF 364
BE176S-B0808-100-FF1-0-200.PDF PDF 251
BE172S-B0805-125-FF1-0-200.PDF PDF 283
BE176S-B0808-150-FF1-S-200.PDF PDF 252
BE176S-B0808-125-FF1-0-200.PDF PDF 251
BE176S-B0805-250-FF1-S-200.PDF PDF 232
BE172S-B0805-175-FF1-S-200.PDF PDF 232
BE172S-B0802-150-AK1-S-200.PDF PDF 350
BE176S-B0802-125-AK1-0-200.PDF PDF 350
BE172S-B0808-225-FF1-S-200.PDF PDF 233
3D Model
Title Type Size(KB) Download
BE172S-B0801-75-AK1-0-200 3D Model STEP 941
BE172S-B0801-175-AK1-S-200 3D Model STEP 904
BE172S-B0801-250-AK1-S-200 3D Model STEP 854
BE172S-B0801-100-AK1-0-200 3D Model STEP 921
BE176S-B0808-100-BM1-0-200 3D Model STEP 789
BE176S-B0801-75-AK1-0-200 3D Model STEP 820
BE172S-B0801-150-AK1-S-200 3D Model STEP 917
BE176S-B0801-100-AK1-0-200 3D Model STEP 790
BE176S-B0805-75-BU1-0-200 3D Model STEP 823
BE172S-B0808-75-BM1-0-200 3D Model STEP 940
BE172S-B0801-200-AK1-S-200 3D Model STEP 862
BE176S-B0801-200-AK1-S-200 3D Model STEP 777
BE176S-B0808-150-BM1-S-200 3D Model STEP 787
BE172S-B0808-175-BM1-S-200 3D Model STEP 902
BE176S-B0801-175-AK1-S-200 3D Model STEP 793
BE176S-B0802-175-AK1-S-200.STEP STEP 3285
BE172S-B0802-75-AK1-0-200.STEP STEP 4436
BE176S-B0802-200-AK1-S-200.STEP STEP 3285
BE176S-B0802-150-AK1-S-200.STEP STEP 3285
BE176S-B0802-125-AK1-0-200.STEP STEP 3269
BE172S-B0808-200-BM1-S-200 3D Model STEP 860
BE176S-B0801-225-AK1-S-200 3D Model STEP 728
BE176S-B0805-225-BU1-S-200 3D Model STEP 731
BE176S-B0808-175-BM1-S-200 3D Model STEP 791
BE172S-B0808-225-BM1-S-200 3D Model STEP 890
BE176S-B0805-250-BU1-S-200 3D Model STEP 735
BE176S-B0808-225-BM1-S-200 3D Model STEP 726
BE172S-B0808-250-BM1-S-200 3D Model STEP 852
BE176S-B0805-100-BU1-0-200 3D Model STEP 803
BE176S-B0808-125-BM1-0-200 3D Model STEP 782
BE172S-B0808-150-BM1-S-200 3D Model STEP 916
BE176S-B0801-250-AK1-S-200 3D Model STEP 736
BE176S-B0805-175-BU1-S-200 3D Model STEP 796
BE176S-B0808-250-BM1-S-200 3D Model STEP 731
BE176S-B0801-125-AK1-0-200 3D Model STEP 783
BE176S-B0805-125-BU1-0-200 3D Model STEP 786
BE172S-B0801-225-AK1-S-200 3D Model STEP 892
BE172S-B0808-125-BM1-0-200 3D Model STEP 924
BE172S-B0801-125-AK1-0-200 3D Model STEP 926
BE172S-B0808-100-BM1-0-200 3D Model STEP 920
BE176S-B0805-150-BU1-S-200 3D Model STEP 791
BE176S-B0805-200-BU1-S-200 3D Model STEP 780
BE176S-B0808-75-BM1-0-200 3D Model STEP 819
BE176S-B0801-150-AK1-S-200 3D Model STEP 789
BE176S-B0808-200-BM1-S-200 3D Model STEP 775
BE172S-B0802-125-AK1-0-200.STEP STEP 4436
BE172S-B0805-75-FF1-0-200.STEP STEP 4422
BE172S-B0805-200-FF1-S-200.STEP STEP 840
BE172S-B0808-125-FF1-0-200.STEP STEP 905
BE172S-B0808-225-FF1-S-200.STEP STEP 871
BE176S-B0805-100-FF1-0-200.STEP STEP 769
BE176S-B0805-200-FF1-S-200.STEP STEP 756
BE176S-B0808-100-FF1-0-200.STEP STEP 3233
BE176S-B0808-250-FF1-S-200.STEP STEP 3249
BE172S-B0802-200-AK1-S-200.STEP STEP 4451
BE172S-B0805-250-FF1-S-200.STEP STEP 833
BE172S-B0808-175-FF1-S-200.STEP STEP 882
BE176S-B0805-225-FF1-S-200.STEP STEP 708
BE176S-B0808-150-FF1-S-200.STEP STEP 3249
BE176S-B0808-225-FF1-S-200.STEP STEP 3248
BE172S-B0802-100-AK1-0-200.STEP STEP 4436
BE172S-B0805-100-FF1-0-200.STEP STEP 900
BE172S-B0808-75-FF1-0-200.STEP STEP 4447
BE176S-B0802-225-AK1-S-200.STEP STEP 3285
BE176S-B0805-250-FF1-S-200.STEP STEP 715
BE172S-B0802-150-AK1-S-200.STEP STEP 4451
BE172S-B0805-225-FF1-S-200.STEP STEP 871
BE172S-B0808-250-FF1-S-200.STEP STEP 833
BE176S-B0805-175-FF1-S-200.STEP STEP 772
BE172S-B0802-225-AK1-S-200.STEP STEP 4419
BE176S-B0802-75-AK1-0-200.STEP STEP 3269
BE176S-B0805-75-FF1-0-200.STEP STEP 799
BE176S-B0808-200-FF1-S-200.STEP STEP 3249
BE172S-B0802-250-AK1-S-200.STEP STEP 4451
BE172S-B0808-100-FF1-0-200.STEP STEP 1399
BE176S-B0805-150-FF1-S-200.STEP STEP 3271
BE172S-B0802-175-AK1-S-200.STEP STEP 4451
BE176S-B0805-125-FF1-0-200.STEP STEP 762
BE176S-B0808-125-FF1-0-200.STEP STEP 3233
BE172S-B0805-125-FF1-0-200.STEP STEP 905
BE172S-B0805-150-FF1-S-200.STEP STEP 896
BE172S-B0808-200-FF1-S-200.STEP STEP 857
BE172S-B0805-175-FF1-S-200.STEP STEP 882
BE176S-B0802-250-AK1-S-200.STEP STEP 3285
BE176S-B0802-100-AK1-0-200.STEP STEP 3269
BE176S-B0808-75-FF1-0-200.STEP STEP 3233
BE172S-B0808-150-FF1-S-200.STEP STEP 896
BE176S-B0808-175-FF1-S-200.STEP STEP 3249
Title Type Size(KB) Download
Linear Motion Product General Catalogue PDF 21843

MOONS' often modify linear actuators to meet application needs. Typical changes include:

• Encoder Options
• Brake Options
• Ball screw End Machining
• Ball screws: lengths, end machining, and so on.
• Nuts: basic style, mounting, and so on.
To help our customer's design efforts, standardized leadscrew features are available.

Encoder Options - Suitable for applications that require feedback

Dimensional Information
Dimensional Information
Mating Connector With Leads
Mating Connector With Leads

Brake Options

Dimensional Information
Dimensional Information
Ball screw End Machining

MOONS' can customize the length of the ball screw, end processing, and nuts style, mounting so on
Ball screw End Machining

Step Sequence & Schematic Diagrams

Step Sequence & Schematic Diagrams of Linear Stepper Motors


Delivery & Packaging

Logistics tracking

Ensure your ordered products are always safely packaged from easy click to fast delivery to your hands

Professional Product Label

Considering all possible harsh application environments, MOONS' specially designed labels for each product, which pass water-resistance test, durability rub test, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance tests.

Besides, our product labels are attached with QR code linking to product details, which is convenient for clients to view the detail product page with their mobile phones.

Note: This label design is suitable for products of stepper motor.

(Professional packing box and unique appearance design)

(Single item packed with EPE)

(Multi-products packed with another box)

Safely Packaging

In order to ensure your shipments withstand the long trip and arrive safely and intact, MOONS' specially designed Individual package to pass the drop test with its stable structure.
Besides,the package is made from recyclable materials, providing you with professional safety delivery.
Whether just single item or multi-products the clients buy, all products are packed twice to avoid the damage further.

Shipping Visualization

For each case, products are carefully packed by experienced warehouse staff and the key processes are recorded by photos, which are then posted on our website, so that clients could clearly know the packing process and logistics status after placing order.

(Product in the box)

(Add the invoice)

(Label the commodity)

(The logistics waybill attached)

Fast Delivery

Fast Cross-Border Delivery
MOONS' chooses DHL as our main international express shipping partner. As the world's leading logistics specialist, DHL provides our customers with fast and professional inter- national door-to-door delivery service.
Estimated Delivery Time: e.g. China-USA major cities 3 business days.

Warehouse Management

MOONS’ has an experienced warehouse management team, all products and materials are clearly classified and neatly arranged.