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3D Printing Technology Applications by MOONS'

3D Printing Technology

As epoch-making technology and innovation of industrial revolution, 3D printing technology has been constantly affecting our lives. Compare with traditional manufacturing model, 3D printing takes the advantage of customization service in small quantities, which distinctly reduces the R&D cost and investment risk as well as shortens the period of R&D and launching. In the recent years, 3D printing technology has gained focus all over the world. According to relevant statistics, the global market value of 3D printing in 2020 will exceed 20 billion dollars and keep the momentum of rapid growth with its influence in aerospace technology, education, biomedical, human limbs, automobile industry and so on.

Currently, stepper motors are used as motion control components in desktop 3D printers on the market, which are usually NEMA 17 and NEMA 23, with 0.9° or 1.8° step angle.

MOONS’17HD series rotary stepper motors control the horizontal displacement of X, Y axis and feed motor (or E-axis motor) respectively through belt drive. LE17HD series external drive linear motors control Z-axis print head or the up and down displacement of printing platform.
Rotary Stepper Motor Linear Motor (with eliminate clearance nut) The application of stepper motor in 3D printers mainly refers to FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) and DLP (Digital Light Processing). Relevant technical indexes are as follows:

1) Accuracy

The printing accuracy is determined by the running accuracy of stepper motor. Take Z-axis motor for example, the accuracy of motor determines the thickness of workpiece. MOONS’ linear stepper motor for 3d printer which can provide as small as 0.00396mm displacement accuracy.

2) Speed

The printing speed is determined by the output torque and load inertia of stepper motor. With fixed load inertia, high output and low inertia plays an important role in printing speed. MOONS’ linear stepper motor offers new solution for high efficiency and excellent durability in limited space. Take the E-axis stepper motor for example, NEMA17 stepper motor (48mm) can usually provide 0.5N.m output torque while MOONS’ 17HD4 series stepper motor for 3d printer which can provide the same output torque with smaller size (40mm) and lower load inertia.

3) Print Size

Print size is determined by the running speed of stepper motor. With the fixed size and design of 3D printer, the increase of printing size lies in that of arm of force,which needs higher output torque of stepper motor during high-speed operation.

4) Reliability

3D printers should adapt to different conditions. Especially for FDM, E-axis feed motor needs to operate in high temperature, so it’s vital to choose a motor with no loss of torque in such environment. MOONS’ linear motor combines engineering plastics into rotor drive nut with its patented design and technics. In this case, the life expectancy increases by more than 10 times compared to copper nut structure with the same cost, and maintenance is unnecessary

5) Application

3D printing technology is increasingly widely used in different areas. MOONS’ stepper motors are applied in various areas, such as medical, automotive, aerospace, communications and automation with its strong adaptability.
The case of MOONS’ Compact Plus series being applied in DLP 3D printers.
The printing material of DLP 3D printers is photosensitive resin, and the printing accuracy requirement is 20 microns of Z-axis, 100 microns in X-axis and Y-axis, so the repeat positioning accuracy of ± 0.01mm is required in module.
Except stepper motor, MOONS' also have 3d printer stepper motor driver and accessories for you. In order to meet customer different applications, we will provide you with a complete 3d printer stepper motor kit solution. If you needs, you can contact us.

Comparison and Analysis of Different Solutions:

Features & Benefits:

• Low Cost
• Self-lubrication and maintenance free
• Low Noise and Anti-Vibration
• Repeat Positioning Accuracy of ± 0.01mm
• Direct Drive Motor and Space-saving

          Recommended Products

MS17HD Series Stepper Motor


  • High Torque
  • Low Noise
  • Smooth Movement

ML23HS Series Stepper Motor


  • High torque
  • Low inertia
  •  Fast raising speed

MS17HA Series Stepper Motor


  • High Accuracy
  • High efficiency
  • High Reliability

LSM17 Series Linear Stepper Motor


  • Linear Stepper Motors
  • Constant Force Technology
  •  Small size,High torque