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Stage Lighting Applications by MOONS'

Stage Lighting

Application Challenge

Robotic arms are applied in different occasions according to various sizes, small robotic arm for small stage lighting, medium one for long-distance lighting of theatrical stages, and large one for night illumination of high-rise buildings or between bridges. Small and medium-sized lighting device can make light beam move at a low speed, or change the color of it. Horizontal or vertical swing motors are needed in these occasions. When the lighting beam moves at a low speed, the vibration or speed fluctuations of motore will make the light more unstable, thus there's is a higher demand for smoonthness and stability.

The Structure of Lighting Device

The construction principle of the lighting device is shown as the picture. Both the motor for horizontal rotation and the motor for vertical swing are decelerated by the speed reducer to improve the smoothness. The load of the horizontally rotating motor is a lighting source and also a vertical swinging mechanism, which has a large the load inertia. As light source and up-and-down swing mechanism, vertically swing motor load has to stay stable in speed to avoid speed fluctuations. When lighting device is working, the stepper motor needs cooling measures due to the heat generated by the bulb. The drive motor of color filter used to change the color of the light beam is usually small HB-type stepper motor.

Horizontally rotating motor: Due to the demand of constant low-speed rotation, 3 phase 1.2° hybrid stepper motor is a better choice. The common products are ML24HC4P and ML24HC8P, which improve the controlling precision by subdivision control. vertically swing motor: Same as horizontally rotating motor. Color Filter Motor: 2 phase 42mm 1.8° hybrid stepper motor are most widely used, such as MS17HD. Different from the above-mentioned motor is surrounded, together with the light source, in the cylinder and thus has a higher demand for high-temperature demand.

Recommended Products

ML24HC Series Stepper Motor


  • More Smooth
  • High Precision
  •  Non Oscillation at Low-frequency
  • High Torque at High-frequency

17HC Series Stepper Motor


  • More Smooth
  • High Precision
  •  High Torque
  • High Reliability

MS17HD Series Stepper Motor


  • High Torque
  • Low Noise
  • Smooth Movement

PL24HCSeries Stepper Motor


  • High Torque
  • High Efficiency
  • High Accuracy

14HK Series Stepper Motor


  • Smoother
  • High precision
  • Small size
  • High torque