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30W DALI Dual Series

MOONS' DALI Intelligent driver is ideal for stage, landscape, Architecture, and Agriculture Lighting applications. Dimming two channels on the driver via DALI dimming equipment.
● Input voltage: 108-305Vac
● All-Around Protection: OVP, SCP, OTP, OPP.
● Built-in active PFC function 0.95 Typ.
● Flicker-Free Dimming Across Wide Dimming Range.(0.1%~100%).
● Constant current, 2 channels output
● 4 in 1: DT8 Tunable white(1500K~6500K), DT6 Tunable white(1500K~6500K), Solo dimming, Dual dimming.
● 5-year Warranty.
Brand Name: MOONS'
Price: USD  75.0  EA

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For more information about DALI please refer to:
"Basic Knowledge of DALI LED Driver"
"Introduction to MOONS' DALI LED Driver"
"The Difference between DALI Device Type 8 and Type 6"
DALI dual channel intelligent driver is ideal for stage, landscape, architecture, agriculture lighting applications. Different form factors are available for the perfect fit with luminaire. This series operates from 108~305VAC and offer various dimming functions that could be configured by MOONS' patented programmer: Smartkey or Touch Setting Tool.

Tunable White
Wire Connecting
Tunable White
Wire Connecting

DALI Function

Color Temperature(DALI DT8/DT6)
Solo Dimming(DT6)
Dual Dimming(DT6)
Color Temperature(DALI DT8/DT6)
Solo Dimming(DT6)
Dual Dimming(DT6)
Color temperature (Default: DALI DT8 ):
Using 1 address to achieve tunable white application with DALI type 8
               Dim two channels output current with one
               DT6 address simultaneously.
            Dim two channels output current with two
            DT6 address respectively.
Color temperature (DALI DT6):
Using 1 address to dim the color temperature, 1 address to dim the intensity.

Why You Need DALI DT8

During Tunable White solution, compared with normal DALI DT6 driver, DALI DT8 driver has lots of advantages.
DT6 Driver
DT8 Driver
DT6 Driver
DT8 Driver
•  For DT8, only need one DALI address to achieve Tunable White.
 For DT6, need two DALI addresses to achieve Tunable White.

•  For DT8 Driver, MOONS' design the CCT dimming logic in driver. Users can use standard DALI Master(support DT8) to achieve tunable white easily.
 For DT6 Driver, users need to design the CCT logic solution in software.

As a result, Address saving, Space saving, Manpower saving.

Different protocol between DT6 VS DT8
Different protocol between DT6 VS DT8

MOONS' is the Member of DiiA

MOONS' owns official DALI tester "ProbitLab"
MOONS' is the Member of DiiA
MOONS' owns official DALI tester

Why You Need Dim to 0.1%
The dimming range has a great influence on the correlated color temperature area.

This figure shows the performance of MOONS' DALI driver (0.1%-100% dimming) on mixing warm and cold color temperature LEDs.

Assume there is a CCT fixture:
Warm White LEDs(2500K) max power=30W
Cold White LEDs(6500K) max power=30W

Driver's Dimming Range Valid CCT Range
0%, 10%-100% 2500K, 2900K-6100K, 6500K
0%, 5%-100% 2500K, 2700K-6300K, 6500K
0%, 1%-100% 2500K, 2540K-6460K, 6500K
0%, 0.1%-100% 2500K, 2504K-6496K, 6500K
Driver's Dimming Range

Operating Logic

Settable Output
Output voltage range: 8~54VDC, auto-adapting according to fixture's Vf.
Output current range: 100~1050mA, can be set via Smartkey or Touch Setting Tool.

200~1050mA: the current operating in continuous mode.
0~200mA: the current operating in PWM dimming mode and the PWM frequency equals 3.6KHZ.
Settable Output

Programmable Function

Touch Setting Programming
Touch Setting Programming


Model List

Part Number Output Current Range Dimming Description 12V/100mA
Auxiliary Output
DALI Power Supply Case Structure
MU030S105BQI5220 100-1050mA Tunable White(DT8/DT6)
DT6 1/2 addresses
X Backfeed
MU030S105BQI5320 X Sidefeed

Model Encoding

Model Encoding

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