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50W DALI Quad Series

Application-oriented operating window for maximum compatibility. Independent 4 channels for Full colour RGBW dimming application. Applications: Arichiteture, Art and Museum, Entertainment, Hospitality, Healthcare, Urban landscape
● Input voltage: 90~305 VAC
● Dimming performance: 0→0.1%→100% dimming range, Flicker Free, Linear/Logarithmic Curve,16 bits resolution
● 4 Channels, constant current driver
● Total power 50W, 50W max per channel
● Dimming mode: DT8- xy coordinate, DT6 4 addresses mode,DT6 1 address mode
● Waterproof: IP20, Built-in type
● 5-year Warranty
● Flicker free: CEC title 24 JA10/ IEEE PAR 1789-2015
Brand Name: MOONS'
Price: USD  120.0  EA

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For more information about DALI please refer to:
"Basic Knowledge of DALI LED Driver"
"Introduction to MOONS' DALI LED Driver"
"The Difference between DALI Device Type 8 and Type 6"
DALI four channel intelligent driver is ideal for stage, landscape, architecture, agriculture lighting applications. Different form factors are available for the perfect fit with luminaire. This series operates from 90~305VAC and offer various dimming functions that could be configured by MOONS' patented programmer: Touch Setting Tool.


▪ 4 Channels, constant current driver
▪ Programmable operation window
▪ Low inrush current
▪ Standby power<0.5W
▪ 0.1% Dimming & 65536 Dimming Steps
▪ DT8- xy coordinate, DT6 4 addresses mode, DT6 1 address mode
▪ 2 types of dimming curve(logarithmic/linear)
▪ 50W max each channel with total 50W load
▪ Flicker free for whole operation range


▪ Application-oriented operating window for maximum compatibility
▪ Independent 4 channels for Full color RGBW dimming application
▪ Excellent dynamic response performance
▪ Exceptionally smooth fades

Operating Logic

Settable Output
Output voltage range: 8~50VDC, auto-adapting according to fixture's Vf.
Output current range: 200~1050mA, can be set via Touch Setting Tool.

In the range of 250~1050mA, the current operates in continuous mode;
In the range of 0~250mA, the current operates in PWM dimming mode, and the PWM frequency 7.2KHZ.
Settable Output

Programmable Function

Touch Setting Programming
Touch Setting Programming


Model List

Part Number Output Voltage Range Output Current Range Dimming Description Case Structure Certification
MU050S105DQI512 8~50VDC 200~1050mA DALI-2 Compact UL/CUL,CB,CE,ENEC
MU050S105DQI502 8~50VDC 200~1050mA DALI-2 Slim UL/CUL,CB,CE,ENEC

Model Encoding

Model Encoding

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MU050S105DQI512 Specification EN PDF 596
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LED Driver Catalog.pdf PDF 19712
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UL PDF 332
CE PDF 225
CB PDF 238