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Early on the evening of December 1st, a $3.1 million USD LED lighting system was unveiled at Niagara Falls, one of the 8 Wonders of the World, transforming the falls into a colorful world.
MOONS’ will Attend Techno-FRONTIER 2017
Date: 19th-21st April, 2017
Pavilion:Makuhari Messe
Exhibits:DC Coreless motor, Z Series zero detent torque motor, LINFINITY linear actuator, Disc magnet motor,, Va...
MOONS’Slotless Motor ——Small Size, High Power”
MOONS’ launches a milestone product—slotless BLDC motors. These motors are part of MOONS’strategy to provide top level motion control. And they are widely used in factory au...
NEW M2DC Series-Servo Motor & Drive
MOONS’ just launch a new product M2DC Series Servo Motor & Drive. 

    MOONS’ New Launched 260W High Bay Driver
      MU260HxxxAQ_CP Series Driver is MOONS’ new product, which has lots of characteristics, such as AC-DC Constant Current Driver, Constant Power, Roun...
    TSM Integrated Motor
      The Step Servo is an innovative revolution for the world of stepping motor, it enhances the stepping motor with servo technology to create a produc...
    SS step-servo series
      Based on the rich experience of TSM integrated step-servo, MOONS' once again successfully melt servo control technology into a stepper motor, revol...
    TXM IP65 integrated motor
      The Step-Servo is an innovative revolution for the world of stepper motor, it enhances the stepper motors with servo technology to create a product...
    ME150HxxxAQ_CP Constant Current Output
      • Input voltage range:176-264 VAC
    • High efficiency:87% typical
    • Active PFC:0.97 typical
    • Lightning protection
    • IP67 Compliant
    • Protec...
    M2 Servo System
      The M2 series servo drive and the SM servo motor are the new generation servo product series. The M2AC series ranges from 50/100/200/400/750W, and ...
    口42 & 口57BLDC Motor
      ● Wide range of speed and smooth output torque
    ● Excellent speed stability
    ● High power with small frame size and excellent efficiency
    Integrated Step Servo Motor-SSM
      The SSM line of integrated step-servo motors combines servo technology with an integrated motor to create a ....
    14HK 0.9° Hybrid Stepper Motors
      The winding resistance of these new motors is nearly 30% lower than other motors with the same thickness and output-torque. In addition, the appli...
    Solutions for Outdoor Applications
      Motors used in outdoor environments, such as in aircraft, marine, automotive, antenna, or solar equipment applications, are often subject to high h...
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